Unveiling KeyShot 2023.3: Color Workflow Enhancements and Breakthrough GPU Performance Mode

December 01, 2023 3 min read

Unveiling KeyShot 2023.3: Color Workflow Enhancements and Breakthrough GPU Performance Mode

In the ever-evolving landscape of 3D rendering and visualization, standing still is not an option. Luxion, the leader in advanced rendering and lighting technology, understands this well. With the release of KeyShot 2023.3, they are propelling the industry forward, introducing new color workflow enhancements, and a groundbreaking GPU performance mode that promises to redefine how professionals and enthusiasts alike manipulate, render, and interact with color in their projects.

KeyShot Color & Workflow Updates

For those who revel in the power of color, KeyShot 2023.3 is a welcome update. The new ability to handle color as a standalone asset is an innovative step forward. By extracting color instances from specific materials or environments, designers now have the flexibility to update colors universally across a project. This powerful feature streamlines the workflow, eliminates repetitive tasks, and ensures consistency throughout the design.

The introduction of Multi-Colors is another salient feature that mirrors the flexibility seen in KeyShot's Multi-Materials. By allowing users to create a list that points to different color instances, designers can apply these multi-colors across the scene with ease, effectively handling complex color schemes and variations within a project.

The Color Mode, specifically designed to let designers immerse in color work, strips away the complexity of the UI and provides a focused environment to handle color libraries, colorways, and multi-colors — a thoughtful addition for the detail-oriented creative.

Natural Color Systems & Other Enhancements

KeyShot 2023.3 also integrates the Natural Color Systems (NCS) library, leveraging a color matching system that is based on how humans perceive color. The NCS library joins a suite of other color upgrades that have been introduced in previous KeyShot iterations, including support for Coloro, automatic color optimizing, color profile detection, and updates to RAL and PANTONE colors.

GPU Performance Mode and Lighting Enhancements

What truly sets KeyShot 2023.3 apart is the new GPU Performance Mode. This option, found in the same location as the CPU Performance Mode, significantly improves scene load, realtime view, and render output performance. Some users may experience performance boosts of over 200%, a substantial leap that will undoubtedly affect productivity and turnaround times.

The ACES Image Feature and the improved Light Solo Mode further refine the visualization process. ACES adds a filmic quality to renders, enhancing the naturalness of colors in high-intensity scenarios, while Light Solo Mode provides a unique opportunity to focus on the effects of individual lights within a scene, without the distraction of other elements.

KeyShot 2023.3 Release Notes & The Colorway Design Challenge

For a detailed rundown of all the features and enhancements, the release notes for KeyShot 2023.3 provide an extensive overview. Moreover, Luxion is challenging the creative community with the KeyShot Colorway Design Challenge. By leveraging the new features of KeyShot 2023.3, participants have the opportunity to showcase their innovative uses of color, with prizes that include a free year of KeyShot Pro and more.


The release of KeyShot 2023.3 is a testament to Luxion's commitment to staying at the cutting edge of rendering technology. For those eager to explore these new features, KeyShot Pro is available for trial and purchase. Additionally, NOVEDGE offers an array of Chaos V-Ray, Autodesk, and other leading design software technologies compatible with KeyShot for enhanced workflows.

For more information about the newest and most advanced design software technology, you should contact the NOVEDGE sales team. Their expertise and comprehensive selection of software tools can help streamline any creative project, ensuring that designers, architects, and engineers have access to the best resources available.

Feel free to call our experts at 866 362 8970 to find out more about KeyShot  or to request a quote.

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