Streamline Your Architectural Design Process with VisualARQ's Advanced Beam Features

November 28, 2023 2 min read

Streamline Your Architectural Design Process with VisualARQ's Advanced Beam Features

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Within the realm of architectural design and modeling, efficiency and precision are paramount. VisualARQ steps in to bolster both, offering a robust set of tools for architects and designers. A particularly powerful aspect of VisualARQ is its range of advanced beam features designed to streamline the design process and facilitate the creation of detailed architectural elements.

VisualARQ's parametric beam library is comprehensive, encompassing diverse structural profiles and sizes suitable for global standards. The versatility of creating beams from 3D curves, coupled with the ease of editing through control points and parameters, provides flexibility that is indispensable in modern architectural design workflows.

Customizing Beam End Cut Planes

VisualARQ enhances the modeling experience by offering intuitive editing of beam cut planes. Users can quickly adjust beam ends to be vertical, horizontal, or perpendicular to the beam's axis. This capability ensures that the beams align precisely within the designed structure, reflecting real-world construction requirements.

Automatic Beam Joints

Intersecting beams can pose a challenge in architectural design, but VisualARQ simplifies this complexity. When two beams meet, their intersection is automatically solved, negating the need for time-consuming manual adjustments. This automation accelerates the design process and increases the accuracy of the resultant model.

Grasshopper Integration

VisualARQ's integration with Grasshopper extends its capabilities even further. The beam end cut planes component within Grasshopper allows designers to extract the planes at the start and end of the beams, paving the way for advanced parametric design and analysis.

In addition to these advanced features, VisualARQ supports the creation of beams with custom profiles and holes, and the ability to split a beam into different parts. This flexibility is invaluable for addressing unique architectural challenges and achieving the desired level of detail in models.

Access to International Steel Profiles

VisualARQ users can start new documents with predefined VisualARQ templates, which include a selection of European and American steel structural profiles. Additionally, users are encouraged to contact the VisualARQ team to obtain a steel profiles library from other regions, ensuring their designs meet local standards and practices.

Those interested in leveraging these features can try them firsthand in VisualARQ. The software's integration with Rhino 3D provides a comprehensive and highly compatible environment for architectural design. For users seeking to further extend their capabilities, plugins like xNURBS and Lands Design are also compatible with VisualARQ, offering additional modeling power and landscape design tools, respectively.

Architects can also benefit from integrating rendering solutions like V-Ray to visualize their architectural models with photorealistic quality, enhancing presentations and client communications.

VisualARQ is a forward-thinking solution that combines the flexibility of 3D modeling with the precision of architectural design, powered by the intelligent use of parametric features. Its beam functionalities are particularly noteworthy, enabling architects to refine their structures with ease and proficiency.

Architectural software technology is continuously evolving, and staying updated with the latest advancements is crucial for productivity and competitive edge. VisualARQ's advanced beam features are just a glimpse into the potential of modern design tools, which are designed to streamline workflows and boost efficiency in the architectural realm.

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