#Shorts Have the basics of parametric modeling down? 🤔 #shapr3d #3dsoftware #industrialdesign

February 19, 2024 1 min read

#Shorts Have the basics of parametric modeling down? 🤔  #shapr3d #3dsoftware #industrialdesign

Video From YouTube: Shapr3D

Understand the intricacies of parametric modeling with a hands-on example in this brief instructional video. Viewers will be guided through the process of creating a detailed kettle model, enhancing their parametric design techniques. Ideal for those familiar with the fundamentals, the content focuses on skill refinement and encourages designers to infuse their personal creativity into their work. Stay tuned to learn valuable tips and elevate your 3D modeling expertise, all within a compact, easily digestible format perfect for busy creatives and professionals in the industrial design field. #parametricmodeling #3Dmodeling #industrialdesign #Shapr3D

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