#Shorts 🛠️ Presenting our new Design for Manufacturing course #shapr3d #cad #tutorial

April 09, 2024 1 min read

#Shorts 🛠️ Presenting our new Design for Manufacturing course  #shapr3d #cad #tutorial

Video From YouTube: Shapr3D

Discover the essentials of preparing models for manufacturing with a concise course tailored for both beginners and seasoned CAD users. Unleash the power of direct modeling techniques and familiarize yourself with the adaptive interface and history-based parametric modeling. Engage in practical exercises to hone skills in sketch and solid modeling, ensuring your designs transition smoothly from concept to production-ready creations. Elevate your design proficiency and manufacturing readiness with this expert-led tutorial, ideal for those who seek to refine their craft using Shapr3D, a leading tool in CAD technology. #Manufacturing #Design #Shapr3D #CAD

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