Rhino 7: Make Smooth Complex Blends with MultiPipe

January 04, 2023 1 min read

Rhino 7: Make Smooth Complex Blends with MultiPipe

Have you tried the new feature in Rhino 7 called MultiPipe? MultiPipe is a new command and Grasshopper component in Rhino 7 that allows you to pipe multiple curves simultaneously, while creating smooth transitions at the joints.

Modeling organic transitions with MultiPipe can be far easier than traditional surfacing workflows.

Using lines or curves, a Sub-D surface is created around them. This surface can then be edited further to refine the design.


  • Select curves that form a frame.
    Overlapped segments result in a single pipe segment.
  • Enter the radius.
  • Specify if pipe openings will be capped.
  • Enter a number for strut divisions.
    0 is suggested when the input curves are not linear.


Rhino 7 also includes a MultiPipe component in Grasshopper. Lines or curved can be refenced to create the Sub-D surface.

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