Rhino 3D Tip: Maximizing the Power of SubD Modeling in Rhino 7: Essential Tips for Advanced Geometry Creation

April 14, 2024 2 min read

Rhino 3D Tip: Maximizing the Power of SubD Modeling in Rhino 7: Essential Tips for Advanced Geometry Creation


Exploring the innovative capabilities of SubD modeling in Rhino 7 can significantly enhance your 3D modeling experience. SubD, or subdivision surface modeling, allows for the creation of highly organic and complex geometries with greater ease than traditional modeling methods. Here are some key tips to effectively utilize SubD in Rhino 7:

  • Start with Simple Shapes: Begin with simple base shapes and use the SubD tools to refine and edit the form. This approach allows for more control over the final shape.
  • Understand SubD Components: Familiarize yourself with vertices, edges, and faces—the primary components of SubD modeling. Manipulating these components directly affects your model's smoothness and detail.
  • Use Creases Wisely: Creases can be used to create hard edges within your SubD model. However, overusing them can lead to a loss of the smooth characteristics that SubD offers. Apply creases selectively for the best results.
  • Toggle Between Smooth and Flat Display: Rhino 7 allows you to switch between a smooth preview and the actual flat SubD control polygon. Use this feature to understand how the underlying geometry affects the smoothed form.
  • Employ Symmetry for Efficiency: When modeling symmetrical objects, use Rhino’s Symmetry tools to mirror your actions on one side of the model to the other. This halves the workload and ensures consistent results.
  • Refine with Bridge and Stitch: To connect separate SubD elements or fill gaps, use the Bridge and Stitch commands. These tools are essential for creating seamless transitions between different parts of your model.
  • Integrate with NURBS and Meshes: SubD models in Rhino 7 can be converted to NURBS or meshes, providing compatibility with other modeling techniques and facilitating a versatile workflow.
  • Utilize Quad Remeshing: When working with existing geometries, Rhino’s QuadRemesh command can be used to create a SubD-friendly topology that enhances the editing and smoothing capabilities.

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