Rhino 3D Tip: Maximizing Model Inspection in Rhino 3D with Effective Clipping Plane Utilization

June 26, 2024 2 min read

Rhino 3D Tip: Maximizing Model Inspection in Rhino 3D with Effective Clipping Plane Utilization


When working with complex models in Rhino, visibility can become a significant challenge, particularly when needing to inspect the internal features and arrangements of a model. One valuable feature in Rhino 3D that helps with this is the Clipping Plane. Here's how to effectively utilize this feature for model inspection:

  • Activate the Clipping Plane feature by typing ClippingPlane into the command line or by selecting it from the toolbar. This will create a plane that can slice through your model, allowing you to see inside it.
  • Once the Clipping Plane is created, you can move and orient it just like any other object in Rhino. Position the plane where you want to cut through your model.
  • Clipping Planes can be applied to specific viewports or to all of them. Right-click on the Clipping Plane and go to the Properties panel to manage its settings and apply it accordingly.
  • If you have multiple Clipping Planes, you can enable or disable them individually to inspect different sections of your model without having to move the planes themselves.
  • Remember that Clipping Planes are non-destructive. They don't actually alter your geometry; they just change what's visible. To make actual cuts in your geometry, you'll need to use different commands like Split or Trim.
  • For an enhanced inspection, you can use the Clipping Plane in combination with Ghosted or X-Ray visual modes, which can help you to see through the remaining parts of your models.

Whether you're an architect looking to inspect the floor levels of a building, a product designer examining the fit between assembled parts, or any 3D professional who needs to look inside complex assemblies, Clipping Planes are an essential tool in your Rhino 3D workflow.

While the Clipping Plane is a powerful feature on its own, you can further extend Rhino's capabilities with plugins available from NOVEDGE, which offers a wide range of tools to complement and enhance your Rhino experience.

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