Revolutionize Your Architectural Visualizations with Artlantis RT²'s New Site Insertion Feature

January 18, 2024 3 min read

Revolutionize Your Architectural Visualizations with Artlantis RT²'s New Site Insertion Feature

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Architectural visualization is an art that combines creativity with technological prowess to bring architectural designs to life. With the introduction of Artlantis RT² and its new Site Insertion feature, architects and designers can now experience a paradigm shift in their rendering and visualization workflow. This revolutionary feature is not just a step forward in rendering technology; it's a leap toward making complex visualizations both incredibly fast and stunningly simple.


Introducing Artlantis RT² Site Insertion

The Site Insertion feature is a groundbreaking addition to the Artlantis RT² suite, enabling architects to seamlessly integrate their digital projects into real-life environments. It is designed to provide a swift and efficient workflow that will leave you astonished by its simplicity and speed.

Seamless Integration into the Real Environment

Getting your project to harmonize with the existing site has never been easier. Artlantis RT² simplifies the process into three straightforward steps:

  1. Begin by utilizing a photograph of the site where your project will be integrated. Artlantis RT² uses this image to accurately determine the camera's position and the appropriate focal length required to match your 3D model with the real-world context.
  2. With access to a vast library of objects and high-resolution textures from the MediaStore, you can add the finer details that bring your site to life. These elements are essential in creating a realistic and immersive environment around your architectural design.
  3. Finalize your project with the option to choose between two rendering modalities. You can either go for real-time rendering, which provides instant visual feedback without any calculation time or select Ray Tracing rendering for images that require in-depth detail and higher quality.

For those familiar with Artlantis 2021 or earlier versions, you will find that the Site Insertion feature has been significantly enhanced. Not only has the process been simplified, but the calculation times for the site insertion have also been accelerated, ensuring a smoother and more efficient user experience.

Compatibility with Other Leading Design Tools

Artlantis RT²'s Site Insertion feature works seamlessly with many of the industry's top design software. Tools such as AutoCAD, Revit, and Rhino 3D can be used to create the initial models which can then be brought into Artlantis for the final touches and renderings.

Benefits of Real-Time Rendering

Real-time rendering is a feature within Artlantis RT² that architects and designers will find invaluable. The ability to view changes instantly allows for quick decision-making and a highly interactive design process. This feature is particularly beneficial when working with clients, as it enables immediate visualization of modifications and potential design options, facilitating better communication and a shared understanding of the project vision.

High-Quality Ray Tracing Rendering

For those projects where quality is paramount, and every shadow and light reflection needs to be calculated with precision, Ray Tracing rendering in Artlantis RT² is the ideal choice. This method simulates the physical behavior of light, producing images with realistic reflections, shadows, and textures that bring your renders closer to photorealism.

The balance between speed and quality is a key consideration for architectural visualization. While real-time rendering provides speed and interactivity, Ray Tracing offers the highest quality for final presentations. Artlantis RT²'s Site Insertion feature accommodates both, ensuring you have the tools for any scenario.

Enhance Your Media Library

The MediaStore is an integral part of the Artlantis ecosystem, offering an extensive collection of objects, materials, and textures to populate your scenes. This ever-expanding library ensures that you have all the resources you need to create detailed and lifelike environments for your architectural visualizations.


Artlantis RT²'s new Site Insertion feature is redefining the standards for architectural visualization. By offering an intuitive, three-step workflow, it ensures that architects and designers can focus more on design and less on the technicalities of rendering. When combined with real-time rendering, Ray Tracing capabilities, and a comprehensive MediaStore, Artlantis RT² provides a complete solution that caters to modern architects' needs.

For those who desire to stay at the forefront of design software technology, understanding and utilizing the newest tools is imperative. The innovations found in Artlantis RT² exemplify the strides being made in the industry, enabling professionals to create more compelling visualizations with greater efficiency than ever before.

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