Revit Tip: Maximizing Flexibility with Revit Design Options for Enhanced Modeling

May 28, 2024 2 min read

Revit Tip: Maximizing Flexibility with Revit Design Options for Enhanced Modeling

Welcome to today's tip of the day, where we'll delve into Implementing Revit Design Options for Flexible Modelling. Design options in Revit are a powerful feature that enable you to explore alternative designs without altering your main model. Here's how you can leverage this feature effectively:

  • Initiate Design Options: Begin by going to the Manage tab and selecting Design Options. This will be your control center for creating and managing different design scenarios.
  • Create Option Sets and Options: Within the Design Options dialog, create a new Option Set and name it to reflect the aspect of the design it represents (e.g., "Facade Designs"). Within each set, create individual Options (e.g., "Option A", "Option B") to represent each alternative.
  • Assign Elements to Options: When you work in a particular option, any element you place or modify will only be visible within that option. You can switch between options to work on different design alternatives simultaneously.
  • Compare Design Alternatives: Use the View tab to create dedicated views for each design option. This enables you to quickly compare alternatives and present them to stakeholders for decision-making purposes.
  • Make a Decision: Once a design choice is made, use the Make Primary button within the Design Options dialog to solidify this option into the project. The non-selected options will remain available should you need to revisit them.
  • Merge with Main Model: After finalizing the design, accept the primary option to merge it with the main model. All elements in the primary option now become part of your project's baseline design.

Remember, design options are not just for major design changes; they can be used to explore variations of any size or scale. Whether it's different layouts, material selections, or façade treatments, design options give you the flexibility to innovate and evolve your design with ease.

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