Revit 2024 Users Rejoice: New Export Plug-in for Artlantis RT² Now Ready for Download

December 04, 2023 2 min read

Revit 2024 Users Rejoice: New Export Plug-in for Artlantis RT² Now Ready for Download

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Good news for Revit 2024 users! The much-anticipated export plug-in for Revit 2024 to Artlantis RT² is now ready for download, boosting the capabilities of architects, designers, and visualization professionals. This seamless integration enhances the workflow between Revit's powerful BIM tools and Artlantis's stellar rendering and animation features.

Artlantis RT² is renowned for its ease of use, high-speed rendering, and ability to produce high-quality visualizations. The release of the plug-in is a significant boon for professionals who rely on both software applications to deliver top-notch presentations and design projects. The plug-in supports not only the latest Revit 2024 but also previous versions including Artlantis 2021, 2020, 2019, 7, and 6.5, ensuring that even users with earlier versions can benefit from this development.

The integration between Revit and Artlantis streamlines the process of turning complex building models into stunning renderings and animations. This export plug-in simplifies the transfer of Revit models to Artlantis, allowing users to take advantage of Artlantis's advanced lighting, texture, and rendering capabilities. With this plug-in, Revit users can now export their models directly to Artlantis, eliminating the need for intermediate file formats and the associated data loss.

The export plug-in accommodates a wide array of users' needs, preserving the geometry, textures, and materials from the Revit model during the export process. This ensures that the visual integrity of the project is maintained when it is brought into Artlantis for rendering. Furthermore, the plug-in offers options for handling complex scenes, such as the choice to optimize the export process for large and detailed models, making it an indispensable tool for large-scale projects.

Artlantis's rendering engine is known for its precision and quality, allowing users to create photorealistic or conceptual images with ease. The specialized shaders and a vast library of materials in Artlantis can greatly enhance the look and feel of the Revit models. Moreover, Artlantis offers an intuitive interface and real-time preview, which means that changes to the scene or lighting can be viewed immediately without long rendering times.

In addition to static renders, Artlantis provides robust animation features, enabling professionals to create walkthroughs or fly-throughs of their projects, adding an extra dimension to client presentations. This can be a game-changer for architects and designers looking to communicate their vision more effectively.

For those who are working with Revit and require high-quality renderings, the new plug-in solves a critical pain point in the workflow. The ability to directly export to Artlantis RT² not only saves time but also opens up a host of creative possibilities. When combined with the power of Revit's BIM functionalities, users can ensure their designs are not only accurate and detailed but also visually compelling.

Compatibility is a key factor when integrating software tools into a workflow. As such, users seeking additional enhancements to their design process may consider V-Ray for Revit, another powerful rendering solution available from NOVEDGE. V-Ray and Artlantis both offer unique strengths, and the choice between them will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user. 

Finding the right tools to complement Revit can be a challenge, but with the right plug-ins and software, the potential for creating breathtaking visualizations is boundless. 

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