Maximizing the Use of Maxwell Cloud for Rendering Services

October 25, 2023 2 min read

Maximizing the Use of Maxwell Cloud for Rendering Services

Rendering is a crucial aspect of design and visualization. The ability to create realistic, high-quality images can significantly enhance the presentation of your design. This is where Maxwell, a state-of-the-art rendering software, comes into the picture. Specifically, Maxwell Cloud, a cloud rendering service by the same company, provides a convenient and powerful tool for all your rendering needs. This article explores various ways to maximize the use of Maxwell Cloud for rendering services.

Preview the Render before Completion

One of the standout features of Maxwell Cloud is the ability to preview the render before it's finished. After a certain render time, you'll see an image icon, signifying that a preview is available. This allows you to download the job done till that point and start your post-process tasks while the render continues. It's an effective way to optimize your time and start playing with features like Multilight.

Unlock The Potential of the MXI File

When you send a job to the Cloud, you receive not only the resulting render and channels but also the MXI file. This file can offer numerous avenues of creativity and flexibility if you activate Multilight and the Denoiser. For instance, you can adjust the lights, activate Simulens for light scattering and diffraction effects, or change the camera response for a different color curve or tone-mapping options. Furthermore, you can refresh the denoised image after each Multilight change, giving you more control over your rendering process.

Animation Jobs

Maxwell Cloud is equally efficient when it comes to animation. As the Maxwell Cloud wakes one machine per render, you can have all the frames of your animation rendered simultaneously, cutting down on queue times. You can send all the frames at the same time using the Monitor feature, creating a job with all the renders inside. This means all the frames will start more or less simultaneously, providing a significant boost to your productivity.

Merging Jobs

While Maxwell Cloud currently doesn't support cooperative jobs, you can still achieve a similar result by launching the same job multiple times to the Cloud to a lower Sample Level (SL), and then merge all the MXI files together from Maxwell Render. This technique can be useful when you're short on time or set the SL too low by mistake on a challenging job. Simply launch the same render again and merge the resulting MXI files, and you will reach a higher sample level.

In conclusion, Maxwell Cloud offers a wealth of features and possibilities that can help you make the most of your rendering tasks. From previewing your work to merging jobs, this cloud rendering service is designed to give you more control and flexibility over your projects.

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