Mastering Selective Clipping in Rhino 8: Enhance Your Design Presentations

November 22, 2023 2 min read

Mastering Selective Clipping in Rhino 8: Enhance Your Design Presentations

Mastering Selective Clipping in Rhino 8: Enhance Your Design PresentationsDesign News Header 2023

When it comes to design presentations, effectively communicating the complexity of a model is crucial. Rhinoceros® (Rhino 8) is widely recognized for its powerful 3D modeling capabilities, and with the introduction of Selective Clipping, Rhino users can now present their designs more precisely and engagingly than ever.

Rhino - Selective Clipping

Rhino 8 introduces a game-changing feature: Selective Clipping. With traditional clipping, a model is sliced to turn off the display of certain parts, providing a clearer view of the interior. Selective Clipping goes a step further, allowing designers to choose a subset of objects and layers to clip. This means that, within a complex model, communication can be directed precisely where it matters most, focusing attention without the distraction of unrelated components. Complex projects, from architectural developments to intricate product designs, can be deconstructed layer by layer, or piece by piece, for detailed evaluation and presentation.

Custom Clipping

“Selective Clipping: Custom Clipping”

Rhino 8's Custom Clipping is an advanced feature that enables users to apply clipping planes selectively. Designers can choose specific objects and layers to clip, or alternatively, to exclude from clipping. This capability is extremely useful when only certain elements of a model need to be visualized, such as isolating the mechanical parts within a product while keeping the exterior unclipped.

Custom Depth

“Selective Clipping: Custom Depth”

Another aspect of Rhino 8’s new clipping functionality is the ability to set a Custom Depth for clipping planes. This feature allows for a more nuanced examination of the model by enabling a thin slice view. When Custom Depth is set to zero, only the section cut is displayed, which is ideal for creating detailed section drawings and analysis.

Enhancing Your Toolkit

For professionals looking to further enhance their workflow, integrating Rhino 8 with other powerful tools can provide a complete solution for design, visualization, and presentation. The following products, compatible with Rhino and available at NOVEDGE, are excellent additions to your toolkit:

  • V-Ray for Rhino provides photorealistic rendering capabilities to bring your designs to life.
  • Enhance your Rhino models with landscaping details using Lands Design.
  • xNURBS offers powerful NURBS modeling that seamlessly integrates with Rhino.
  • For architects and designers, VisualARQ adds flexible BIM features to Rhino.

Pairing Rhino with these additional resources can significantly improve productivity and allow for the creation of stunning, presentation-ready projects.

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