How XVL Transforms Communication: Harness Robust 3D Capabilities in Your Web Browser for Free

March 02, 2024 3 min read

How XVL Transforms Communication: Harness Robust 3D Capabilities in Your Web Browser for Free

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Leverage 3D Across Your Extended Enterprise

Communication within a manufacturing company involves multiple stakeholders and departments, all of which require access to detailed part and assembly information. Traditionally, this involves a plethora of tools and methods such as PDM/PLM systems, 2D drawings, screenshots, simple viewers, and others. Each has its merits, but they also have their limitations, especially when it comes to robustness and ease of understanding. That's where XVL steps in, revolutionizing the way 3D CAD files are communicated across an enterprise, and it does so directly within your web browser.

Introducing 3D Snapshots

At the heart of this transformation is the 3D Snapshot. While it may have the initial look of a traditional 2D drawing, it is, in fact, a live, interactive, CAD-accurate 3D representation. It contains not just the geometry, but also dimensions that are attached to it, Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), and even Semantic PMI. With multiple pre-set views, stakeholders can delve into the details of components like a Connecting Rod Cap with an ease and clarity that 2D representations simply cannot match.


Unlike static 2D drawings that require interpretation, a 3D Snapshot is an intuitive, interactive model. It can be explored, cross-sectioned, and measured, making it an invaluable tool for anyone who needs to understand the intricacies of a design without the need for specialized CAD software or licenses. Fully accessible via a web browser, the barrier to entry is virtually non-existent.

XVL Across the Product Lifecycle

What sets XVL apart is its ability to integrate all 3D CAD files for a complete product into a single file, even if they originate from different CAD systems. It retains the CAD-level accuracy necessary for detailed work and allows for the creation of a singular Virtual Product Model. This level of integration and accuracy ensures that regardless of a stakeholder's location or department, the information they access is both up-to-date and reliable.

Moreover, the ease of use of XVL is a game-changer. No longer are licenses a prerequisite to access crucial 3D data. Any team member can view and interact with the Virtual Product Model using nothing more than a web browser. This democratization of data not only enhances communication but also accelerates decision-making and problem-solving within the enterprise.

Embrace the XVL Advantage

Embracing XVL technology is embracing efficiency and clarity in communication. For those who wish to deepen their understanding of how XVL can transform their business, a detailed exploration can be found in our insightful blog post. It delves into the specific advantages of XVL and how it compares to traditional methods of sharing 3D CAD data.

In parallel with XVL, there are other tools and solutions available through NOVEDGE that complement its capabilities. For instance, software from Autodesk is well-known for its powerful design and engineering features. Solutions like PTC further enhance product development processes. 

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Discover the power of 3D communication with XVL and the array of complementary design and engineering solutions available at NOVEDGE. The future of efficient, accessible, and robust design communication is here, and it's just a click away.

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