Exploring the New Features and Massive Performance Enhancements of Maxon One's Fall Release

September 25, 2023 2 min read

Exploring the New Features and Massive Performance Enhancements of Maxon One's Fall Release

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Maxon, the developers of professional 3D software solutions, recently announced a significant update to Maxon One, which boasts new features and massive performance enhancements. This blog aims to explore those updates and offer insights into how they can revolutionize your creative workflow.

What is Maxon One?

Maxon One is a comprehensive solution suite that includes Cinema 4D, Redshift (a powerful GPU-accelerated renderer), and Red Giant Complete (a collection of editing, VFX, and motion graphics tools). This software bundle is designed to fulfill the diverse needs of artists, designers, and engineers, providing a broad array of tools for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and post-production effects.

New Features in Maxon One's Fall Release

The fall release of Maxon One introduces several new features that significantly enhance the software's capability and efficiency. These include improvements in performance, usability, animation tools, and more.

Massive Performance Enhancements

One of the major highlights of the fall release is the substantial performance enhancements. This update offers faster scene loading times and quicker feedback, allowing users to work more efficiently. Moreover, the new Multi-Instances feature provides a dramatic increase in the number of objects that can be displayed in the viewport.

Improved Animation Tools

The animation tools have also seen significant enhancements. The updated Character Animation Toolkit (CAT) offers a more robust and user-friendly environment for creating, editing, and managing rigs. The new Pose Library enables artists to save, recall, and blend poses easily, enhancing the animation workflow.

Additionally, the fall release introduces a new Collision Deformer that allows for more accurate interactions between objects. This feature opens up new possibilities for simulating complex physical interactions in your 3D scenes.

Advanced Rendering Capabilities

Maxon One's fall release also brings advances in rendering. The integration of Redshift into Cinema 4D offers enhanced rendering capabilities, including support for Cinema 4D's native materials and shaders. This allows for a more streamlined workflow and delivers impressive results in less time.

Integration with Industry-Standard Software

Maxon One is designed to work seamlessly with industry-standard software. This includes compatibility with Autodesk products like Maya, 3ds Max, and AutoCAD. It also integrates well with modeling tools like Rhino 3D, and xNURBS, enhancing its versatility.


The fall release of Maxon One brings an array of new features and performance enhancements that empower artists, designers, and engineers to create more efficiently and effectively. From improved animation tools to advanced rendering capabilities, this update offers users the ability to push their creative boundaries further.

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