Exploring the New CAD Features in BobCAD CAM: Extracting IsoCurves, Silhouette and Advanced Holes

November 04, 2023 3 min read

Exploring the New CAD Features in BobCAD CAM: Extracting IsoCurves, Silhouette and Advanced Holes

In the ever-evolving world of design and manufacturing, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software continually pushes the boundaries of capabilities and functionalities. One such software is BobCAD CAM, which has introduced new CAD features that provide more flexibility and efficiency in design modelling and processing. Responding to user's requests, BobCAD CAM has added advanced CAD features such as Extracting IsoCurves, Silhouette, and Advanced Holes. These features facilitate enhanced model creation and repair, making the software more versatile and user-friendly.

Exploring IsoCurves Extraction

This new feature makes the process of pulling geometry from existing surfaces to repair imported parts, create guide geometry for complex 4th and 5th axis processes, or other tasks, significantly easier. IsoCurves extraction is beneficial for setting boundaries, creating surfaces, or defining entry and exit points for CAM processes. With this feature, users can pull 3D wireframes directly from the isometric curves in existing surfaces.

The Extract Isocurve function, found in the Utilities group of the Create 2D tab, provides the capability to generate Iso curves in the U direction, V direction, or both simultaneously. This creates a 3D wireframe adaptable to the surface, regardless of its complexity.

Silhouetting Functionality

Another feature that boost the functionality of BobCAD CAM is the silhouette function. This tool allows for the generation of 2D wireframe geometry from any solid element, including stereolithography (STL) files. The Silhouette function, also in the Utilities group of the Create 2D tab, allows users to automatically pull the projected outline (silhouette) as 2D wireframe, a significant upgrade from manual creation of accurate reference geometries.

This function works in any direction on any user coordinate system, which allows for the generation of contours from any position. Whether you choose to generate 2D wireframe geometry which perfectly outlines the STL file, or select the model type, define the geometry orientation in the Direction section, and set your creation options, the silhouette function enhances design flexibility.

Advanced Holes: A Game Changer in 3D Design

The third new feature in BobCAD CAM is Advanced Holes. This tool changes the game in 3D design by allowing for the creation of accurate 3D hole geometry automatically and tagging holes with thread properties. This can be utilized in Hole Recognition to automatically apply the proper tools. This function can be found in the Solid Boolean group of the Create 3D tab.

By streamlining and simplifying the design process, the Advanced Holes function reduces hole programming significantly and changes the way users work. Whether you choose Chamfer, Counterbore or Hole, you can update the parameters and the preview will show you exactly what you’ll be getting. Once the parameters are set, the system creates the holes directly in the solid. This results in a solid that can be checked for accuracy against cut stock in the simulation, and BobCAD-CAM recognizes these properties directly in the CAM environment with the Hole Recognition feature.

These are just some of the newest features in BobCAD CAM that continue to propel CAD software technology forward, allowing users to create and modify designs with a higher degree of efficiency and precision.

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