Exploring the Latest Features in BricsCAD V24: An Overview of Enhancements in Lite and Pro Editions

December 01, 2023 3 min read

Exploring the Latest Features in BricsCAD V24: An Overview of Enhancements in Lite and Pro Editions

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Exploring the Latest Features in BricsCAD V24: An Overview of Enhancements in Lite and Pro Editions

Welcome to the latest iteration of BricsCAD® V24, the robust CAD solution fostering a modern, efficient, and user-centric design experience. BricsCAD® V24 stands out as a significant leap forward, boasting improved speed, efficiency, and user-friendliness, perfect for the spectrum of CAD users. Exciting enhancements to both BricsCAD® Lite and BricsCAD® Pro have been introduced to optimize and automate your daily design workflows.

Modern User Experience

The transformed UI/UX of BricsCAD V24 is crafted for swift adoption and ease of use. With a fresh start page, a refined ribbon, and an updated tips panel, accessing tools and features is now more straightforward. The inclusion of in-product guidance streamlines the learning curve for BricsCAD's suite of functions, while the quad cursor and manipulator enhance interaction with design entities.

New Start Page and Tutorials

The new start page empowers users to efficiently manage templates and recent documents. The addition of step-by-step in-product guidance presents hands-on tutorials with a simple click, easing the transition to V24's new offerings.

Revamped Tips Panel and Enhanced Ribbon

Bolstered by user feedback and AI assistance, the ribbon has been redesigned for a modern, simplified experience. The tips panel has been expanded to better serve users with guidance on the V24 features and BricsCAD's unique tools.

Quick Calculator and Layout Manager

By popular demand, a quick calculator has been integrated for in-app calculations, enhancing user convenience. The layout manager now enables direct management of layouts, streamlining the publishing process with BricsCAD's output functionality.

Quad Cursor and Manipulator Improvements

The Quad cursor, context-sensitive and intuitive, and the Manipulator, which allows for direct entity transformation, are both refined, augmenting the efficiency of BricsCAD V24.

Blocks and 2D to 3D Transitions

Blocks are essential for efficient design, and with the enhanced BLOCKIFY command, managing block geometry has never been simpler. Transitioning from 2D to 3D is streamlined, leveraging BricsCAD's direct modeling to intuitively push and pull geometry.

Working with Dynamic Blocks

While dynamic blocks are usable within BricsCAD, V24 introduces the enhanced Block Convert feature, enabling editing of imported dynamic blocks as parametric blocks directly within BricsCAD.

Drawing Health Management and Drawing Views

The OVERKILL command is now part of the Drawing Health Management workflow, simplifying the elimination of redundant geometry and block definitions. The VIEWBASE command aids in swiftly generating standard drawing views from 3D models, maintaining their association with the model for dynamic updating.

Parts List and Data Import from Excel

Multileader entities in V24 facilitate clear part identification, with alignment being a breeze thanks to the MLEADERALIGN command. SmartCell copy and editing make importing and managing table data from Excel a hassle-free process.

Familiar CAD Experience

BricsCAD V24 delivers a CAD experience consistent with industry standards, incorporating user-friendly TRIM and EXTEND commands, quick dimensioning with QDIM, and visibility into associative dimensions with the ANNOMON system variable.

Revamped Sheet Set Manager

The Sheet Set Manager has been upgraded for multi-user access, including a new model view tab and direct publishing capabilities, enhancing document management and PDF creation with bookmark hyperlinks to individual sheets.

Standard Raster File Output

Responding to user needs, BricsCAD V24 now offers control over raster file output, directly accessible through the print and publish dialogs to meet various documentation requirements.

BricsCAD V24 is designed to supercharge your workflow, reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, and allow you to focus on creative work. This release encapsulates the essence of a highly capable drawing-based CAD system, enriched with tools that are both innovative and unique.

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