Exploring InfoWorks WS Pro 2024.5: Enhanced Model Diagnostics, Advanced Demand Area Analysis, and Water Aging Insights

December 15, 2023 3 min read

Exploring InfoWorks WS Pro 2024.5: Enhanced Model Diagnostics, Advanced Demand Area Analysis, and Water Aging Insights

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Water professionals are continuously seeking ways to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their hydraulic models. The release of InfoWorks WS Pro 2024.5 delivers a suite of enhancements designed to streamline model diagnostics, enrich demand area analysis, and provide deeper insights into water aging within distribution networks.

Enhanced Model Diagnostics with Diagnostic Tables

The introduction of Diagnostic Tables in InfoWorks WS Pro 2024.5 represents a leap forward in model data interpretation. These tables extract critical diagnostic information from each simulation's log file and display it in a format that is easier to review, sort, and query. This new feature allows hydraulic modelers to quickly identify and troubleshoot stability issues, flow imbalances, unreliable valves, and pump or reservoir issues, ultimately simplifying the process of resolving hydraulic inconsistencies.

For a more detailed exploration, users can even map out problem areas spatially, thanks to the integration with the GeoPlan. A new built-in theme simplifies the customization of maps, which can be especially helpful for visualizing spatial sources of instability within water distribution systems.

Advanced Demand Area Analysis

The Demand Area Analysis functionality has been expanded to offer a "scale existing demands" option. When modeling demands within a hydraulic network, modelers can now maintain the relative distribution of demands across nodes while adjusting the total demand to align with calculated values for specific areas. This capability is particularly beneficial when applying billed consumption data where demand variances among customer points are significant.

In addition to the scaling feature, the option to calculate leakage in Demand Area Analysis has been made optional. This adaptation allows modelers to refine their analysis in network areas where meter inaccuracies may overshadow actual demand figures, enabling more precise modeling of the network.

Water Aging Insights and Additional Improvements

A pivotal update in InfoWorks WS Pro 2024.5 is the ability to input water age as a time-varying profile. This feature ensures the accurate modeling of interconnected systems by accounting for the transfer of water age between separate networks. Such enhancements enhance the digital twin representation of a water distribution system, allowing for better prediction and management of water quality.

Streamlining users' workflows, the Network menu has been consolidated into submenus, reducing the need to scroll and facilitating quicker access to demands. This incremental efficiency boost is just one example of the user-centric improvements made in this latest release.
In the rapidly evolving field of water management, staying ahead with the latest software capabilities is crucial. InfoWorks WS Pro 2024.5 is a testament to the ongoing innovation that empowers hydraulic modelers to create more accurate and efficient simulations of water distribution systems.

While InfoWorks WS Pro offers advanced modeling capabilities for water distribution, other related software solutions like Civil 3D for civil infrastructure design, and Enscape for real-time rendering and virtual reality, provided by NOVEDGE, can augment and complement the design and simulation process.

In conclusion, InfoWorks WS Pro 2024.5's latest enhancements in model diagnostics, demand area analysis, and water aging insights represent a significant step forward for water distribution modeling. As professionals seek to optimize their workflows and achieve more accurate simulations, the adoption of cutting-edge solutions like InfoWorks WS Pro becomes increasingly important. For more information about the newest and most advanced design software technology, contact our sales team at NOVEDGE, where you can discover a vast selection of software solutions to meet your engineering and design needs.

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