Explore the Latest Features: A Complete Guide to New Commands in Rhino 8

December 11, 2023 3 min read

Explore the Latest Features: A Complete Guide to New Commands in Rhino 8

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Explore the Latest Features: A Complete Guide to New Commands in Rhino 8

The release of Rhino 8 brings with it a suite of new commands that expand the capabilities of designers and engineers alike. These commands are crafted to enhance usability, improve workflows, and offer more advanced control over the design process. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into some of the most significant new commands in Rhino 8 and how they can be leveraged to push the boundaries of design.

Enhancing Block Management

AddObjectsToBlock is a noteworthy addition, enabling users to augment an existing embedded block definition with new objects smoothly. Coupled with CreateUniqueBlock, which duplicates a block instance's definition and assigns it to a new block definition, these commands provide improved block management, allowing for more sophisticated model organization and easier manipulation of repetitive elements.

Intuitive Environment Control

With AutoAlignCPlane, users can turn on or off the automatic alignment of the construction plane, streamlining the modeling process in relation to oriented surfaces. This feature minimizes manual adjustments, thereby saving time and increasing accuracy when constructing geometry in complex spatial contexts.

Texture Mapping and Visualization

Texture mapping sees a significant upgrade with the BakeMapping command, which enables the creation of a new texture image by transferring a texture from one UV mesh to another. This tool is particularly useful for designers working with intricate textures and patterns, ensuring consistent and accurate application across different model geometries.

Advanced Clipping and Sectioning

Rhino 8 introduces a series of commands designed to facilitate the creation and management of clipping planes and sections. ClippingSections and ClippingDrawings can extract detailed 2D drawings from 3D models, which is invaluable for the creation of technical documentation and detailed section views. For further refinement, EditClippingDrawings and ExportClippingDrawings provide options to modify and export these drawings into various formats for use in other applications. To complement these, ExportClippingSectionInfo allows the exportation of sectional information into a CSV file, which can be used for data analysis or integration with project management tools.

Surface and Curve Manipulation

The surface and curve manipulation toolkit is expanded with commands like FilletSrfCrv and FilletSrfToRail, which offer new ways to create fillets not only between surfaces but also between surfaces and curves while maintaining curvature continuity. These commands empower designers to produce more complex and smooth transitions in their models. Additionally, the FitCurveToSurface command helps in transferring curve parameterization to a surface, facilitating the precise alignment of geometric details.

Optimizing Interface and Workflow

Rhino 8 also places a strong emphasis on optimizing the user interface and workflow. The Containers command allows for efficient management of panels and toolbars, significantly improving workspace organization. FileExplorer grants quick access to all file types on the computer directly from within Rhino, streamlining the process of locating and managing project files.

The introduction of a tabbed Linetypes panel simplifies the management of document linetype definitions. The Macros command opens a dialog box dedicated to managing macros, enhancing automation within the design process. For those looking to customize their menus, the Menus command opens a dedicated editor window.

On the productivity front, Reset restores window layouts, toolbars, or settings to their original state, offering a quick way to resolve interface issues or return to a preferred setup. SaveACopy and SaveWindowLayout ensure that current model progress and customized workspace arrangements are preserved and easily retrievable.

New Selection and Extraction Tools

Selection capabilities are refined with commands like SelFacesToBoundary, which selects SubD or mesh faces surrounded by specific elements,

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