Efficient DWG Editing: Real-Time Collaboration for Multiple Users Across Desktop, Mobile & Cloud

April 18, 2024 1 min read

Autodesk Fusion 360

Video From YouTube: Graebert - ARES CAD software

Discover the power of collaborative DWG file editing with Graebert's innovative solution. This video showcases a dynamic environment where users can manage DWG files stored in the cloud, enabling seamless handovers of editing sessions between participants. Experience how a user can transform their session to read-only to allow another collaborator to edit, all while keeping track of real-time changes. The interactive platform supports editing across desktop, mobile, and cloud, ensuring flexibility and increased productivity for teams. Ideal for professionals in design, engineering, and architecture who require a coordinated approach to project modifications. Join the future of efficient teamwork with Graebert's technology.

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