Discover the New Features and Enhancements in 2Shapes 4.1 for Rhino

May 29, 2023 2 min read

Discover the New Features and Enhancements in 2Shapes 4.1 for Rhino

2Shapes, the leading provider of innovative jewelry design software, has recently unveiled the highly anticipated 2Shapes for Rhino - Version 4.1. Packed with a multitude of enhancements and cutting-edge features, this latest update is set to revolutionize the way you approach design and modeling in Rhino.

With an unwavering commitment to providing seamless user experiences, 2Shapes for Rhino 4.1 introduces several key advancements that are bound to make this version an absolute game-changer:

Integration with 2Shapes Next: Seamlessly Connect with the In-Store Jewelry Design Platform

The integration of 2Shapes for Rhino 4.1 with 2Shapes Next, a product specifically designed for in-store jewelry design, to create and sell your jewelry more efficiently, opens up a world of possibilities. Designers can now effortlessly synchronize their Rhino creations with the powerful Next platform, enabling a smooth workflow from concept to production to sale. Prepare to unlock new levels of collaboration, efficiency, and creativity.

Enhanced Plan Compatibility: Choose the Perfect Fit for Your Needs

With 2Shapes for Rhino 4.1, the freedom to select the ideal plan for your specific requirements is now at your fingertips. Whether you opt for the Free, Business, or Unlimited plan, you can enjoy the full breadth of features and functionalities tailored to your design journey. Seamlessly scale your subscription to match your evolving needs and unlock the true potential of your designs.

Complete Integration of Moissanite: Expand Your Gemstone Repertoire

Dedicated to enhancing your design options, 2Shapes for Rhino 4.1 now includes complete integration of Moissanite. With this addition, you can seamlessly incorporate the captivating brilliance of Moissanite gemstones into your designs, providing your creations with an alluring and unique aesthetic. Push the boundaries of design and captivate your clients with an expanded gemstone repertoire.

In addition to these noteworthy enhancements, 2Shapes for Rhino 4.1 also boasts general performance improvements and multiple bug fixes, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted design experience.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your design process to unprecedented levels. 2Shapes for Rhino 4.1 unlocks a world of limitless possibilities.

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