Detailing Insect Sculpts with Eric Keller

November 30, 2023 1 min read

Detailing Insect Sculpts with Eric Keller

Video From YouTube : Pixologic ZBrush

Explore the meticulous world of insect sculpture with renowned artist Eric Keller. This insightful presentation, brought to you by MAXON, delves into the fine art of creating detailed insect models. Viewers will learn about the intricacies of sculpting life-like insects, as Keller shares his expertise and techniques. Ideal for both enthusiasts and professionals, the content also introduces ZBrush tools, providing a glimpse into the potential of digital sculpting software. Discover the mastery behind these miniature works of art and gain inspiration for your own projects. Follow the artist's journey on Instagram and learn more about ZBrush's offerings for digital artists of all levels.

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