Crafting Designs for Production: Leveraging BricsCAD in the Manufacturing Process

August 23, 2023 2 min read

Crafting Designs for Production: Leveraging BricsCAD in the Manufacturing Process

With BricsCAD®, manufacturing experts experience enhanced streamlining, accelerated timelines, and impeccable precision, guaranteeing timely product readiness and delivery. The automated workflow offered by BricsCAD means that you can turn plain 3D models into sheet metal parts with one click, unfold them automatically with a 
second click, produce detailed 2D drawings quickly, modify geometry through direct manipulation, access all necessary information related to parts from one comprehensive 
interface, create annotation notes directly on the drawing, and generate accurate bills of materials based on imported model parameters - all without ever leaving the program! Using these features ensures that products leave the door on time with all necessary documentation delivered accurately and efficiently.

The Quad, CopyGuided and MoveGuided 
BricsCAD's Quad leverages machine learning to understand your individual workflows and adjust to your frequently used commands. This accelerates your work process by conveniently placing your most commonly accessed tools and commands directly beneath your cursor. This innovation eliminates numerous clicks on repetitive tasks, significantly boosting your efficiency. Introducing CopyGuided and MoveGuided: These intelligent copy and move tools seamlessly merge once time-consuming and error-prone tasks into a single command. This streamlined approach drastically reduces the effort expended on duplicating and relocating entire entities within your drawings. The result? Enhanced accuracy across your drawing workflow. Whether you're immersed in 2D drafts or intricate 3D models, Communicator for BricsCAD swiftly integrates data from various formats, enabling you to dive into your projects promptly. With Communicator for BricsCAD, the conversion of design data into precise manufacturing drawings becomes a swift reality, dramatically shortening the timeline from concept to production. By synergizing Communicator for BricsCAD with BricsCAD Mechanical, you gain the upper hand in importing design data, rapidly elevating any CAD information you receive, and can confidently rely on the precision of your drawing's data.

Within BricsCAD's expansive toolkit, you'll discover a wealth of sheet metal features and tools meticulously crafted to expedite the handling of intricate models. Propelled by intelligent automation, these tools amplify your design journey while economizing your time, exemplified by the remarkable SMQUICK command. SMQUICK's prowess lies in its ability to seamlessly transform a 3D solid into a Sheet Metal Solid. On top of this conversion, it dynamically generates sets of optimal splits, junctions, and bends, ushering in a new era of efficiency and precision in your sheet metal projects.

Design Production Layouts in BricsCAD® Ultimate
Opt for BricsCAD Ultimate and unlock a realm of possibilities by seamlessly melding BricsCAD Mechanical and BricsCAD BIM's prowess. This synergy empowers you to craft and refine production facility layouts within a unified workspace. BricsCAD's innate interoperability takes center stage, bridging the gap between architectural design and manufacturing infrastructure. Through this harmonious integration, understanding the intricate relationship between a building's layout and its manufacturing apparatus becomes effortless. The inclusion of manufacturing equipment models into the factory's BIM model provides comprehensive insights. Facilitating this collaboration, BricsCAD Communicator, bundled with BricsCAD Ultimate, facilitates the import of these models from a variety of popular CAD file formats.

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