CAMJam #368: Using Export Stock as STL in MecSoft CAM

January 04, 2024 1 min read

CAMJam #368: Using Export Stock as STL in MecSoft CAM

Video From YouTube: MecSoft Corporation

In this concise tutorial, viewers will discover the steps for efficiently exporting their in-process stock models into 3D STL files using MecSoft's CAM software. The video guidance is applicable to both RhinoCAM and VisualCAD/CAM users, assisting them in enhancing their workflow. The visual demonstration simplifies the process, ensuring that even those new to the software can follow along with ease. Additional resources and information about MecSoft's comprehensive CAM solutions, including MILL and extensions for various CAD platforms, are available for those interested in further exploration and software trials to improve their machining and design capabilities.

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