Bluebeam Tip: Streamlining Project Updates with Bluebeam Revu's Batch Slip Sheet Feature

March 30, 2024 2 min read

Bluebeam Tip: Streamlining Project Updates with Bluebeam Revu's Batch Slip Sheet Feature

Keeping construction and engineering projects up to date with the latest revisions can be a meticulous task, but with Bluebeam Revu’s Batch Slip Sheet feature, you can streamline the process of updating new revisions into existing files. Here’s how to use Batch Slip Sheet to save time and ensure accuracy:

  • Navigate to the File menu and select ‘Batch,’ then ‘Slip Sheet.’ This opens the Batch Slip Sheet dialog box.
  • Add files that require updates by dragging them into the 'Add' section or using the 'Add Files' button.
  • Specify the settings for your slip sheet process. Decide if you want to insert new pages, replace pages, or both. Bluebeam Revu provides flexibility depending on your project needs.
  • Use the 'Matching' options to tell Revu how to match new revisions to the existing documents. Typically, this is done by page labels or page regions.
  • Before processing, review your settings. You can save your settings to use them again in the future, maintaining consistency across projects.
  • Click 'Run' to start the slip sheet process. The software will automatically update sheets with the corresponding new revisions.
  • After the process is complete, you can review the updated files. Revu provides a summary of the slip sheet operation, allowing you to verify the changes.

Batch Slip Sheet can also maintain hyperlinks, bookmarks, and file attachments during the update process, ensuring that all the navigational elements of your construction documents are carried over to the latest set. Additionally, your markups can be carried over to the new revisions, ensuring that your team’s comments and annotations are not lost.

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