Bluebeam Tip: Maximizing Document Security with Digital Signatures in Bluebeam Revu

April 01, 2024 2 min read

Bluebeam Tip: Maximizing Document Security with Digital Signatures in Bluebeam Revu

Bluebeam Tip of the Day

Enhance the security and professionalism of your documents by creating and managing digital signatures with Bluebeam Revu. Digital signatures not only add a layer of verification but also streamline the approval process. Here's how to make the most of this feature:

  • Setting Up Your Signature: Access the 'Tools' menu, navigate to 'Signature' and select 'Digital IDs'. From here, you can create a new digital ID or import an existing one.
  • Signing a Document: Once your digital ID is set up, go to the 'Sign' tool, and choose 'Sign Document'. Click on the area where you want your signature to appear, and Bluebeam will prompt you to sign with your digital ID.
  • Customizing Appearance: Personalize your digital signature by adding an image, such as a handwritten signature or company logo. This can be done in the 'Appearance' settings when creating or modifying your digital ID.
  • Multiple Signatures: Bluebeam allows for multiple signatures on a document, enabling various stakeholders to sign off on a single document seamlessly. Each signature is verified and locked upon signing to prevent tampering.
  • Verifying Signatures: You can easily verify the authenticity of signatures by clicking on them. Bluebeam checks the digital ID and lets you know if the signature is valid, giving you peace of mind with your sensitive documents.

Implementing digital signatures with Bluebeam Revu elevates the trustworthiness of your documents, making sure they stand up to legal scrutiny while accelerating the signing process. For more expert advice and to purchase Bluebeam products, visit NOVEDGE.

You can find all the Bluebeam products on the NOVEDGE web site at this page.

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