AutoCAD Tip: Essential AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts to Boost Your Drafting Productivity

June 30, 2024 2 min read

AutoCAD Tip: Essential AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts to Boost Your Drafting Productivity

Tip of the Day

Enhance your productivity in AutoCAD by mastering keyboard shortcuts. These time-saving keystrokes can significantly expedite your drawing process, allowing you to focus more on design rather than repetitive tasks. Here are some essential shortcuts to incorporate into your workflow:

  • L - This is the shortcut for the Line command, one of the most basic and frequently used commands in AutoCAD.
  • C - Instantly access the Circle command by pressing this key.
  • REC - To draw a rectangle, simply type these letters.
  • CO or CP - Use these shortcuts for the Copy command to duplicate objects in your drawing.
  • TR - Trim your objects quickly with this command.
  • PL - The Polyline command is vital for creating continuous lines and arcs; activate it with these letters.
  • Z followed by E - Zoom Extents; this will zoom out to display all visible objects and elements in your drawing.
  • CTRL + S - Frequently save your work with this universal shortcut to prevent any loss of progress.
  • CTRL + Z - Undo your last action, a critical function for rectifying mistakes quickly.
  • CTRL + 1 - Toggle the Properties palette, which allows you to view and edit the properties of selected objects.

For even greater efficiency, customize your own shortcuts within AutoCAD to suit your specific workflow. Visit NOVEDGE to explore more AutoCAD resources and software options that can further enhance your drafting experience. Remember, the more you practice using these shortcuts, the more intuitive they will become, transitioning your focus from inputting commands to actual design.

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