Advanced Precision with 2-Axis Milling: The BobCAD-CAM V36 Guide for Streamlined CNC Programming

November 02, 2023 3 min read

Advanced Precision with 2-Axis Milling: The BobCAD-CAM V36 Guide for Streamlined CNC Programming

Unlocking 2-Axis Milling Precision with BobCAD-CAM V36

In the realm of CNC machining, precision and efficiency are the twin pillars of success. Every manufacturer seeks to optimize their machining processes, saving time and cost while ensuring the highest level of precision. This guide will take you on a journey through the programming of a 2-axis CNC mill part, utilizing the cutting-edge features of BobCAD-CAM V36.

Seamless Feature Creation with Detect Open Edges

A new breakthrough feature in BobCAD-CAM V36, “Detect Open Edges” gives you complete control over how open edges on selected surface geometry are handled. In the past, toolpaths were created with the tool approaching the edge without crossing it, even when the geometry had open edges. This required the creation of wireframe geometry to guide the tool over these edges. With the new Detect Open Edges option, all you have to do is select the checkbox to guide the tool to move over the open edges or leave it unchecked to prevent crossing those edges. This feature is now a time-saving essential in CNC programming.

Effortless Finishing with Spring Passes

Another significant addition to BobCAD-CAM V36 is the “Spring Passes” option. It simplifies the finishing process by allowing you to apply spring passes to ensure tool deflection and chatter don’t adversely affect the machining results. By merely ticking the “Spring Passes” checkbox, setting the number of passes, and choosing whether to apply these passes to all depth cuts, you can seamlessly incorporate spring passes into the same operation.

Redesigned Tool Crib for Enhanced Tool Management

The redesigned Tool Crib in BobCAD-CAM V36 is another feature that significantly improves the efficiency of CNC programming. Unlike before where you had to open the Tool Library as a separate window and add tools one by one, the Tool Library now resides within the same window. This feature allows you to select multiple tools simultaneously and drag them into the crib. Plus, for the first time, you can save tools from the Tool Crib to the Tool Library.

Effortless Tool Parameter Editing

Editing tool values is much easier in BobCAD-CAM V36. The “Edit Tool Parameters” dialog allows you to modify tool parameters directly from the Tool Crib. All you need to do is highlight the desired tool in the Tool Crib, click “Modify,” and update any associated values. A simple click of “OK” confirms the changes, making tool editing a breeze.

Organizing with Custom Notes

The “Add Note” option is another handy tool that enhances your workflow. It allows you to create custom tool tips for items in your CAM Tree, providing quick explanations of functions. By simply right-clicking an item and selecting “Add Note,” you can add a note icon to the item in your CAM Tree.

Efficient Copying with the Copy with Geometry Option

The new “Copy with Geometry” option simplifies copying and pasting features, which can be a significant time-saver. Unlike before where geometry had to be selected again, the new “Copy with Geometry” option makes this process more effortless than ever.

Multi-Part Machining with Work Offset Patterns

The addition of Work Offset Patterns in BobCAD-CAM V36 brings another level of efficiency in machining. You can create additional features and incorporate a Work Offset Pattern to machine the same part in multiple vices. The “Alternating Order” option allows you to move from offset to offset in reverse after changing tools, eliminating unnecessary moves.

Efficient Machine Setup Duplication

In cases where a new setup mirrors the features and settings of an existing one, you can save substantial time by copying and pasting to recreate the setup using BobCAD-CAM V36. You can then add or delete features and operations as needed to finish the setup in record time.

Optimizing Order and Tool Assignment

Last but not least, the Operation Tree in BobCAD-CAM V36 is your go-to place for all posting needs, ensuring that the order of machining operations aligns with your creation sequence in the CAM Tree. Similarly, the Tool Tree streamlines tool-related information, displaying your jobs, tools in the tool crib, and which operations are assigned to each tool.

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