Adding your collection of LUTs into Colorista #shorts #maxoncolor #redgiant

February 14, 2024 1 min read

Adding your collection of LUTs into Colorista #shorts #maxoncolor #redgiant

Video From YouTube: Maxon Red Giant

Explore how to integrate your personalized Look Up Tables (LUTs) into Colorista for an enhanced coloring experience. The LUT browser in Colorista allows for instant previews using your current clips, streamlining the color grading process. This essential tip is perfect for visual creators seeking to customize their workflow and achieve unique color aesthetics. Dive into the world of color grading with this informative and concise guide from the experts at Red Giant. Stay connected with Red Giant on various social media platforms for more updates and creative content. Enhance your projects today with your own collection of LUTs for a signature look.

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