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Xenon 11 Plus has been reviewed by 2 users, with an average rating of 3.0 stars. All our custmer reviews are written by authentic users of the product. We publish all honest and fair product reviews, regardless of the rating.
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Excellent 3D modeling flexibility
Anonymous August 2, 2006
Xenon offers very high design flexibility at a competitive price. The history tree allows for easy changes to the design at virtually any stage of completion. The rendering capabilities are good allowing for top quality presentation images to be made within the package. It features a wide array of import and export functions to provide compatibility with other CAD software. A wide array of 2D sheet tools are provided. Prints, however are this programs weakness. While it excells in the 3D world, its 2D prints could use some improvement. They are functional, but not as good as some of the other packages on the market.
Overall it is a very good package, and for 3D modeling, design exploration, plus moving to production in 3D it is excellent.
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Xenon 11 Plus
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