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LWCAD 5.5 FULL for LightWave
Upgrade from 3.x
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WTools3DWTools3DLWCAD 5.5 FULL for LightWave - Upgrade from 3.xLWCAD 5.5 FULL for LightWave - Upgrade from 3.xUpgrade to the latest version!Includes free upgrade to LWCAD 2018 and $200 coupon to UPG V3249.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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LWCAD 5.5 FULL for LightWave
Upgrade from 3.x

LWCAD 5.5 FULL for LightWave -- Upgrade from 3.x

Upgrade to the latest version!Includes free upgrade to LWCAD 2018 and $200 coupon to

LWCAD 5.5 FULL for LightWave is a top set of add-on modeling plugins for LightWave 3D. Core of this package contains a complete set of standard CAD tools with the most advanced osnap engine. It equips your favorite modeling program with the countless features normally available only in expensive CAD applications.
LWCAD 5.5 FULL for LightWave contains revolutionary features such as a real-time curve booleans or real-time polygons drilling which are absolutely unique in the industry, as well as a new set of archiviz tools which are specially designed for creating architecture. It allows users to create a complex building in a few minutes. These new features will push you into another modeling dimension.

New Tools and Updates

Major Updates
  • Smart Selection - LightWave selection tools with smart selections are initialized with LightWave selection
  • NURBS offset algorithm improved precision of end point tangents (interpolation mode)
  • NURBS extrude algorithm improved precision when extruding NURBS surface (interpolation mode)
  • Clone Tools - instances new clone tools supporting LwCad instances
  • Clone Tools - random module new random functions included in all cloning tools
  • Clone Tools - collisions module new collision functions included in all cloning tools
  • Point Clone - new clone tool for cloning to certain point with rotation possibility
  • Line Clone - new clone tool for cloning along line,curve or spline (partially replacing Vector Clone)
  • Array Clone - completely rewritten array clone tool with new pivot and bounding modes
  • Radial Clone - completely rewritten radial clone tool
  • Surface Clone - new clone tool for cloning on polygons and nurbs surfaces (replacement for Spray Clone)
  • Uv Random - new tool for UV maps randomization
  • Snap Panel - new INST snapping parameter, snaping to important points on instances from Shape Library
  • Automatic installer - installer is able to do automatic installation even if LightWave doesnt have configuration files
  • Options Panel - new precision parameter, drawing dimensions in viewport with custom precision
Minor Updates
  • Move Snap - new clone mode triggered with holding SHIFT key (replacement for previous Vector Clone)
  • Rotate Snap - new clone mode triggered with holding SHIFT key (replacement for previous Radial Clone)
  • Mirror Tool - new clone mode, tool moved to Modify section
  • Line, Arc, Spiral, Rectangle Stair, Fence - steps count visible in viewport when step snap enabled
  • Line, Pipe, Wall, Line Stair, Line Roof, Fence - new Angle parameter, tools can adjust the angle between between last and previous last segment
  • Stair Tools - new Reduce parameter
  • Stair Tools - new Geometry Type parameter
  • Pipe, Profile - rail freeze parameter replaced with Rail Divisions parameter (polygons and NURBS mode)
  • Profile - pivot parameter is replaced with Pivot X and Pivot Y percentage parameters
  • Profile - new Keep Curves parameter
  • Offset, Round, Extrude, Profile - new Show Handles parameter, enable-disable drawing of handles in viewport
  • Extend - new Reduce option parameter, extended segment is automatically reduced with original curve
  • Convert Curves - NURBS Curve option updated to convert poly-line to nurbs curve
  • UCS grid + constraint + angle snap - updated snapping when snap event occurring on surface in perspective viewport


NURBS curve 2
  • New standardized NURBS curve 2 with variable knot vector
  • Backward compatible with previous curve version
  • Improved precision of operations like division, interpolation, approximation
  • Closed curve segments supported
Smart Mesh
  • New unified geometry system based on polygons and NURBS surfaces
  • Shared edges between polygons and NURBS surfaces are defined by new curves
  • Flat NURBS surface: flat NURBS polygon based on new NURBS curves, compatible with polygons
  • NURBS surface: standard NURBS surface with 2, 3, or 4 edges, open-closed along U or V direction
Smart Selection
  • New in-built selection system
  • Fully integrated into smart edit tools
Smart Edit
  • Minimalistic set of editing tools
  • Complete set of editing operations compressed into few tools
  • Works with smart mesh and NURBS curves
Multilingual support
All menu items, panels and messages are translated into: German, French, Italian and Japan languages
Automatic installer
Professional installation, LWCAD 5.5 FULL for LightWave Upgrade from 3.x is set up automatically for specified LightWave
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