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For beginning to intermediate users of MasterCAM

MasterCAM X1-X7 LATHE Video Tutorial is made for Beginners To Intermediates in Mastercam. This tutorial goes over most commonly used features in Mastercam through excellent visualization techniques combined with a 1280x800 resolution to bring a full HD video to you. All video tutorials were made using Mastercam X7 Home Learning Edition so included files will play in Home Editions as well.
MasterCAM X1-X7 LATHE topics include 2D Toolpath, 2D/3D geometry, 2/3 axis, Creating Solids, Tool and Chuck Setup, C-axis machining, Contour Drilling, Flipping Stock, Grooves, Rough and Finishing, Face Milling, Importing files from Solidworks and many many more. MasterCAM X1-X7 LATHE includes Mastercam X7 Home Learning Edition and What's New in Mastercam X7.
For beginners.


  • User Interface
  • Open, Save, Move To Origin
  • D Z Plane & Lathe Tool Setup
  • Lathe Machining Properties
  • Creating Line Endpoints, Perpendicular and Parallel
  • Creating Circles and Arcs
  • Rectangles, Polygon, Helix, Spiral, Bounding Box, Ellipse and Letters
  • Fillet and Chamfer
  • Trim, Break, and Extend
  • Join and Break Entities
  • Creating Point positions
  • Offset, Mirror, and Translate Features
  • Generating NC Code
  • Rectangular Shapes & Parallel Lines
  • Line Endpoints & Trim Feature
  • Stock Setup
  • Chuck Jaw Setup
  • Facing Operation
  • Backplot & Verify Option
  • Roughing Operation
  • Finish Operation
  • 2D Sketch
  • Tool Sheet (Stock and Chuck Setup)
  • Facing Toolpath
  • Roughing Toolpath
  • Finishing Toolpath
  • Groove 2 Pockets using Multi-chain
  • Groove Big Pocket
  • Simple Center Drill and Drill Operation
  • Perpendicular, Fillets, and Trim 3 Entities
  • Tool Settings and Stock Setup
  • Facing Operation
  • Canned Roughing and Canned Finishing
  • Rough Chain Groove
  • Creating New Tool
  • Finishing Chain Groove
  • Plunge Groove
  • Cutoff Operation
  • 2D Sketch Using Angles
  • Create Relief Groove
  • Stock Setup
  • Facing, Rough, and Finish First Side
  • Groove Operation – Tangent
  • Creating O.D. Thread
  • Center Drill and Drill Thru Part
  • Flipping Operation
  • Face Rough and Finish 2nd Side
  • ID Groove
  • 2D Sketch
  • TailStock Center Setup
  • Facing and Center Drill
  • Tailstock and Chuck Jaw Reposition
  • Multichain and Cutoff
  • Translate, Rotate, Polygon Creation
  • Large O.D. With Grooves and Finish Sketch
  • Stock Setup
  • Facing, Finishing and Grooving OD
  • Facing Using C-AXIS
  • Cross Contour Using C-AXIS
  • Hole Drilling Using C-AXIS
  • Drill Thru and Cutoff Operation
  • Import Solid Model, Turn Profile
  • VTL Toolpath and Tool Setup
  • Facing Roughing and Finishing OD Using Right Turret
  • Spot Drill and Drill Thru Part
  • Roughing and Finishing OD
  • Multi Groove ID

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