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MasterCAM X1-X7 MILL - Video Tutorial

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For beginning to intermediate users of MasterCAM

MasterCAM X1-X7 MILL Video Tutorial is made for Beginners To Intermediates in Mastercam.
This Tutorial goes over most of the common used features in Mastercam with very well done visualization techniques combined with a 1280x800 resolution to bring you a full HD video.
All video tutorials were made using Mastercam X7 Home Learning Edition so included files will only play in Home Editions.
The topics included are: 2D Toolpath, 2D/3D geometry, 2/3 axis, Creating Solids, Slot milling, Circle milling, Countour and Pocketing, Drilling and Tap Drilling, Stock Setup, WCS management, Importing files from Solidworks and more.


  • 720P HD Quality
  • Exercise-based Training
  • Fully Navigational Menu
  • 103 Session in over 7 Hours of Video tutorials
  • Includes All Exercise Files, drawings & HLE files
  • Brand New Sealed DVD
MasterCAM X1‑X7 MILL
Video Tutorial
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