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Vizup SDK
single‑user development license with 1 year support
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VizupVizupVizup SDK - single-user development license with 1 year supportVizup SDK - single-user development license with 1 year supportThe Ultimate 3D Model Optimization ToolkitBID-180-79024,749.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018

Vizup SDK
single-user development license with 1 year support


The Ultimate 3D Model Optimization Toolkit

Based on the new 3D optimization platform with highly scalable 64-bit architecture, Vizup SDK single-user development license with 1 year support provides advanced 3D model optimization and polygon reduction capabilities for integration into third-party software. Developers of 3D modeling, CAD/CAM, GIS and other computer graphics software can now decrease model size and improve 3D rendering performance by taking advantage of Vizup SDK polygon reduction technology in their products.

Key features:

  • Reduces the number of polygons up to 100 times while keeping the visual quality and with minimum geometry degradation.
  • Advanced support for visual attributes and non-continuous textures
  • Intelligent handling of shape boundaries.
  • LOD-chains with the best possible balance between the number of triangles and required level of details
  • Model topology repair, normal reconstructions and refinement
Performance and Scalability
  • "Lean optimization" mode for extra-large models with over 1 billion of polygons
  • Scalable 64-bit architecture with application controlled memory footprint
  • One step "instant LOD-chain" generation
  • Robust performance and low memory footprint
Easy of use
  • Rich and convenient C++ API with callbacks to track the optimization progress.
  • File format agnostic - create a mesh from within your application
  • Self-contained toolkit with no dependency to external libraries
  • Accurate detailed documentation including Getting Started Guide and a complete sample application
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