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VisualARQ 1.9.5
Educational Student Edition
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VisualARQVisualARQVisualARQ 1.9.5 - Educational Student EditionVisualARQ 1.9.5 - Educational Student EditionFor students, teachers, professors and schools. Proof of educational status is required.BID-129-51693.5289.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
Educational Edition

VisualARQ 1.9.5
Educational Student Edition

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VisualARQ 1.9.5 -- Educational Student Edition

For students, teachers, professors and schools. Proof of educational status is required.

VisualARQ 1.9.6 Download Edition is a fully-integrated plugin that adds architectural tools to Rhino 5.0. Using the accessible and intuitive Rhino interface, VisualARQ 1.9.6 provides tools for architects, planners, and interior designers that make the architectural design process and its documentation easy. It also adds parametric 3D architectural objects like walls, columns, doors, windows, and stairs that are suitable for both 3D modeling and 2D documentation. With VisualARQ 1.9.6's feature-based editor you can create and edit your own smart/custom architectural objects.
VisualARQ 1.9.6 integrates easily and intuitively into your design work flow. You can work in two or three dimensions and view the 3D model or the 2D representation at the same time.

New in this Version

  • IFC import.
  • IFC Tag and IFC Export Options.
  • Slab layers.
  • Columns can be defined with a 2D and a 3D block.
  • Doors and windows can be floating.
  • Doors and windows can be attached to curtain walls.
  • Added property to choose a predefined size for doors, windows, beams and columns.
  • Curved Curtain wall.
  • Curtain wall panels can be curved.
  • Walls can be defined from multiple solids.
  • Added "Space Param" and "Deconstruct Profile" Grasshopper components.
  • General properties (Name, Tag, Description...) can be modified in Grasshopper Components.
  • Added "vaOpeningElevationStyles" command.
  • Tag objects can be aligned to tagged geometry, or aligned to the horizontal or vertical axis.
  • Custom profiles can be scaled (horizontally and vertically).

Key Features and Benefits

Easy modeling of free-form architecture
  • Go through any architectural project design process with an intuitive, easy and efficient workflow. Curved walls, free-form surfaces, free- form beams... any complex architecture design is possible.
  • VisualARQ 1.9.6is totally built in Rhino interface: Rhino-like menu, toolbars and command's behavior.
  • It is a powerful feature-based editor to create and edit parametric objects.
Get all project documentation automatically
  • Cut sections, make plans. No matter how complex your design is. Save time getting all project documentation automatically from the 3D model.
  • Floor plans, sections, elevations, surfaces, dimensions, and all object information are linked to and created from the 3D model.
  • VisualARQ 1.9.6 generates documents that combine drawing plans, the three dimensional model, and data tables.
  • Displays in the Top viewport a standard 2D architectural representation of the 3D model in real time.
  • All drawings are updated automatically after any change.
Model with 3D smart architectural objects
  • VisualARQ 1.9.6 has a library set of parametric architectural objects: Walls, Beams, Columns, Windows, Doors, Slabs, Stairs and Roofs.
  • Objects are easy to create, modify and edit at anytime. Automatic recalculation adjusts them to changes.
  • Option to create custom objects, styles, and object libraries.
Create the 3D model from 2D drawings
  • Import your AutoCAD 2D files, or create them in Rhino 5.0. With VisualARQ 1.9.6 you can convert lines in 3D walls, roofs, slabs, etc. with just a few clicks.
Real time project 3D sections
  • VisualARQ 1.9.6 adds the dynamic section tool, that allows to visualize your project sectioned in 3D in real time.
  • Work from sectioned models, create section drawings and produce render views from the current viewport.
  • The level manager allows to view horizontal sections of your project in 3D.
Rendering engines
  • VisualARQ 1.9.6 material manager supports materials of all render engines that are supported by Rhino 5.0.
  • Create lights and assign materials to objects, to get high quality images of interior and exterior architecture.VisualARQ 1.9.6 is 100% compatible with any render engine that supports Rhino 5.0.
New features in VisualARQ 1.9.6
  • New Railing object.
  • Multi-threaded regeneration of VisualARQ geometry (Rhino 5 only).
  • Extrusion objects are used instead of breps when possible (Rhino 5 only).
  • Faster display of VisualARQ objects.
  • Identical columns and beams share the same instance definition.
  • Smaller and better IFC output files.
  • Doors and windows can be created from profile curves directly in the model.
  • Added display attributes (layer, color, line type, etc) support in IFC import and export.

Educational License Features

VisualARQ 1.9.5 Educational Student Edition by VisualARQ.
For students, teachers, professors and schools. Proof of educational status is required.

This Product is Also Known As

  • VisualARQ Student Edition

  • VisualARQ Student Version

  • VisualARQ for Rhino

Proof of Academic Status Requirements


Primary school, secondary school, college, university and career state-accredited school students qualify to order a single-user educational license with acceptable form of academic ID. Please provide one of the following:
  • Dated student ID card
  • Official dated current class schedule

Faculty & Staff

Primary school, secondary school, college, university, and career faculty and staff members qualify to order a single-user educational license with acceptable form of academic ID. Provide one of the following:
  • Dated faculty ID card
  • Recent faculty/staff pay stub


Any state accredited school can order single-user educational licenses or lab licenses on a school purchase order or procurement card.

Sending the Proof

Information regarding where to send your Proof of Educational Status will be automatically e-mailed to you upon receipt of your order. You can also check our Educational Orders FAQ.

Technical Support

Novedge does not provide technical support for educational versions of the software. If you need technical support please refer to the manufacturer website for additional information.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of VisualARQ 1.9.5 — Educational Student Edition requires :
Rhino 5 for WindowsThe most powerful NURBS 32 and 64 bit modeling tool with full support19512895Add to Cart Product 2572
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