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Arena4D for Rhino
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VeesusVeesusArena4D for RhinoArena4D for RhinoView and reference huge point cloud files in Rhino 5BID-214-10828759.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018

Arena4D for Rhino

Arena4D for Rhino

View and reference huge point cloud files in Rhino 5

Arena4D for Rhino is a plug-in for Rhino by McNeel. Arena4D for Rhino leverages the Arena4D point cloud engine from our Data Studio tool and makes it available within the CAD environment.
Arena4D for Rhino allows huge point cloud files to be viewed and referenced easily in Rhino 5. Multiple point clouds can be imported into the same Rhino model and these can be enabled and disabled easily. All functions inside of Rhino are controlled via the simple Arena4D Panel which is presented in a familiar Rhino style.


  • Shading Options
  • Lighting Options
  • Point Cloud Decimation
  • Point Cloud Clipping
  • Snapping
  • Slicing (Sections) through point cloud
  • Slicing (Sections) to Curve

Powered by XStreamEngine

All {B} Point Cloud products come with the XStream Engine built in. This engine allows point cloud data with Billions of points of data to be easily managed and viewed on standard laptops and desktop computers. Its multi-threaded, efficient design and implementation reduces the overhead on your computer typically associated with point cloud data.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Arena4D for Rhino requires :
Rhino 5 for WindowsThe most powerful NURBS modeling tool with full support from McNeel99578995Add to Cart Product 2217
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