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Vision: Create design documents, automate paperwork, and visualize your design in rendered 3D views.

Vision -- 1 UniverseVision 1 Universe pre-visualization software for entertainment design and production professionals. Vision allows you to previz the lights, moving lights, video, and other effects that make up a production, simulated in the context of the event venue. Use Vision to program and cue your show, whether you are selling production ideas to the client, testing lighting cues, or conforming lighting systems for a new venue. You can previz without being located at the venue or having a crew on standby. Experiment with looks and cues, and review options with your clients and artists, before the actual load in.


Improved rendering and performance
Engineering improvements have significantly increased the rendering speed, quality, and performance of the Vision program.
Network protection
The Vision program now uses serial numbers for activation and upgrades, as an alternative to using the dongle.
Installer improvements
The installer has a more modern appearance, with clear instructions for activating the Vision program by serial number or dongle.
Error reporting
Now you can send anonymous information about application crashes and other basic usage statistics to Vectorworks to help improve the software. In the new Vision Preferences dialog box, select the type and amount of information to provide.
DMX transform improvements
Now DMX transforms allow you to rotate objects and fixtures and to move them with greater control by specifying the X, Y, and Z positions.
Enhanced options for Vision customization and performance
New settings allow greater control of Vision performance and rendering quality. Document and application preferences are easily accessible in the Document Preferences and Vision Preferences dialog boxes, and the settings can be saved for reuse. Preferences that are specific to rendering still images or videos can also be saved as presets.
Increased stability and a streamlined workspace make file management easier. The UI has been updated with a dark theme and new options for customizing the display of palettes and tools.
Now you can insert layers in the Scene Graph palette, to organize the scene contents and set up complex DMX transforms without merging files.
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