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All the design and BIM capabilities of Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight + ConnectCAD, the add-on module built on Vectorworks technology
This bundle contains:


With ConnectCAD, you can:
  • Create easy-to-read schematic drawings
  • Diagram rack layouts
  • Work in a hybrid 2D/3D environment
  • Check for errors
  • Create detailed reports
  • Easily make changes
An Unbeatable Combination
Because ConnectCAD is built on Vectorworks Spotlight, you can take advantage of the flexible and robust design and documentation capabilities that make Spotlight the industry standard. With an extensive manufacturer library and a customizable 2D/3D hybrid environment, rest assured you have everything you need to design with confidence.
Greater Collaboration
Use ConnectCAD to work seamlessly not only with the rest of your team, but with event planners and other project stakeholders as well. Collaboration has never been easier.

Vectorworks Designer

Simplify Your Workflows

Efficiency and productivity are critical, and you need the right tools to help you achieve your goals, on time and on budget. Enhancements in Vectorworks Designer help you seamlessly collaborate with others and streamline the creation of presentation drawings and construction documents, letting you work faster and be more productive than ever before.
Customize Your Drawings With 2D Components For Hybrid Objects
You've made the move to working in 3D. Now, optimize that effort by efficiently creating 2D drawings from your 3D and BIM models. With the new 2D components for hybrid objects capability, we're putting you in complete control of the detail level your symbols and plug-in objects display. Simply right-click to edit the detail and display of any 2D/3D hybrid object so it draws exactly as you want in plan, elevation, and section views.
Benefit From Bim-Ready Building Libraries
We've added BIM data sets to all architectural symbols to make it easier to exchange BIM data with others. Now, all building objects that ship with Vectorworks are compliant with the latest versions of IFC (IFC2x3, IFC4) and COBie (v2.4), resulting in a reliable and efficient export of your building model for both IFC and COBie standards.
Save Time With Data Tags
Some aspects of your workflow thrive when flexibility works in predictable ways. The new Data Tag tool in Vectorworks Designer gives you a consistent and robust method for tagging and displaying data about the intelligent objects and symbols in your model and viewports. Tag objects individually, or automatically tag multiple objects, all while having complete control over the graphic appearance of data tags. This will save you time and simplify the process of managing displayed data in your documents.
Benefit From Advances In Marionette
More and more, designers are recognizing the benefits of algorithmic design to automate tasks and save them time. We've included a number of usability improvements and new nodes to make Marionette easier and more powerful.
Simplify The Data Handover With Cobie Worksheets
The assets data handover from BIM to operations just got easier. Unlike other BIM software that produces read-only COBie reports, Vectorworks Designer has bi-directional control. Edit the BIM model and the COBie worksheet automatically updates, or update data in the COBie worksheet and drive changes in the model.
Better OpenBIM With Custom IFC Export
In a BIM project, controlling and filtering which objects and IFC data are exported is key to successful collaboration. Revolutionary changes in Vectorworks IFC data mapping give the BIM manager more control over IFC export. Custom export options and the ability to specify data for sub-objects provide you confidence in the exchange of BIM models with other project stakeholders.
Easily Create Concept Layouts With Image Effects
Now you can accomplish mainstream image editing right inside of Vectorworks. You don't need to export your designs to other editing applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator. The new viewport image effects work with viewports and imported images, which lets you prepare your presentation boards in the same software you used to create your designs.
Increase Efficiency With Improved Pdf Workflows
Building on our integration with Bluebeam Studio Prime, we made it easier to work with imported PDF files. New options allow you to toggle off and on annotations, improve snapping, control background fills, and quickly resize and align multiple PDFs at the same time.
Improve Collaboration With Revit
Thanks to the latest updates to the industry standard Teigha BIM library from the Open Design Alliance, Vectorworks users can now batch import Revit Families making it easier to incorporate manufacturer objects and convert more building objects from a Revit model to native Vectorworks objects. This is a huge improvement for Revit customers migrating to Vectorworks and makes it easier to access manufacturers' BIM product content.
Discover Streamlined Section Drawing Creation
Derive high-quality sections from your model without wasting time making repetitive adjustments. A new default display for section attributes provides universally acceptable defaults, and a new context-sensitive right-click menu allows you to generate sections directly from section elevation markers or orphaned section lines. Create better drawings by generating a profile line that emphasizes the cut of your sections. Plus, you can now override object visibility beyond or before the cut plane using the correct line weights and styles. The object visibility control is the same for horizontal and vertical sections.

Enhance Your Modeling Process

Vectorworks Designer gives you more opportunities than ever before to optimize your modeling process. No matter your project type or size, Vectorworks provides you with intuitive and robust modeling functionality to help you save time and deliver exceptional results.
Create Remarkable Presentations With New Clip Cube Options
You asked for it, and now you can use the clip cube on sheet layer viewports. And, unlike other applications that have limitations on the visualization of clip cubes, Vectorworks enables you to use clip cubes in any rendered view or style, giving you the efficiency and capability you need to create remarkable sections, elevations, and presentation drawings.
Save Time Specifying With New Object Catalogs
We've expanded our support of catalog styles to additional architectural elements, including all cabinet objects. You can quickly define and specify the cabinetry in your designs using manufacturer catalog data. Controlling objects by catalog styles lets you quickly modify the architectural object data while saving you time with your materials specifications. Additionally, Vectorworks now supports this style capability for third-party plugins.
Quickly Capture Site Data With Point Cloud Enhancements
Reality capture has quickly transformed from a high-cost, advanced technology for experts into an affordable and accessible process that can have a major impact on your design workflow. Our latest release makes working with point clouds faster and easier. We added import of PLY point cloud files, new controls to manage the density and automatically clean up point cloud data, and the ability to define a marquee region to refine the data set. A new Merge Point Clouds command creates a single model from individual scans, and a new custom color option allows you to define height limits of various regions, so you can better visualize your data set.
Speed Up Your Modeling Process With Subdivision Iterations
We've continued to refine the ease of use of our subdivision feature, built on Pixar's OpenSubdiv library. A new setting in the Edit Subdivision tool gives you the ability to quickly see how subdivisions will look with one to five subdivision iterations being performed, making it possible to go from generic form to your desired result much faster.
Increase Accuracy With Non-Horizontal Ceilings And Floors In Space Objects
Having a 3D model of building spaces is incredibly advantageous for understanding your design at all stages. With these latest improvements to our space objects, you can easily fit your spaces to geometry above or below your space, such as walls, ceilings, roofs, and slabs, resulting in more accurate representations of space volumes, areas, calculations, and visualizations.
Improve Space Planning With Space Styles
Vectorworks understands the importance of space planning and has long offered a powerful suite of space planning tools to simplify your design process. In this latest release, the Vectorworks space objects now support the use of styles so you can more efficiently create and manage your spaces for typical information such as usage type, color, and class, enabling you to quickly and consistently handle a large number of spaces.

This Bundle Includes

Vectorworks Designer 2020Vectorworks Designer: All the design and BIM capabilities of Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight3,9453,733Add to Cart
VectorworksConnectCADConnectCAD: Simple, Painless ConnectionsThis item cannot be purchased separately.
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