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MeshFusion for 3D Printing
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The Foundry Visionmongers LtdThe Foundry Visionmongers LtdMeshFusion for 3D PrintingMeshFusion for 3D PrintingAn introduction to MeshFusion in 12 video tutorials76649735.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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MeshFusion for 3D Printing

MeshFusion for 3D Printing

An introduction to MeshFusion in 12 video tutorials

MeshFusion for 3D Printing will introduce you to using MeshFusion and the process to prepare results for 3D printing. 12 videos have been produced to take you through the entire process, step by step, to model and 3D print a windup toy robot, covering everything from gathering reference, setting up the backdrop images, modeling with all quads, and converting the fused geometry into a ready for 3D print file. Also explained are strategies for getting the best results from your 3D print, regardless of output type.

Table of Contents

  • Video 00: Consideration -- Some notes to interface differences that will help MODO 701/801 users to follow along with the training.
  • Video 01: Getting Started -- An Introduction to the training, as well as a discussion on gathering reference, and taking photos for and setting up appropriate backdrop images.
  • Video 02: Robot Body -- Strategy for how to best model the pieces that will shape the body in MeshFusion.
  • Video 03: Body MeshFusion -- Setting up a MeshFusion Tree and using drag and drop to speed workflow.
  • Video 04: Robot Hand -- Defining a custom workplane to capture rotated backdrops, modeling and MeshFusion of the arms and claws.
  • Video 05: Robot Feet -- Modeling the feet and converting a MeshFusion tree into a schematic layout to combine multiple trees into a single object. to follow along with the training.
  • Video 06: Robot Head -- Modeling of the various details of the head using the workplane and action centers.
  • Video 07: Head MeshFusion -- Combining all the details of the head and building a new schematic for the various head pieces.
  • Video 08: Extra Bits -- Modeling the non-MeshFusion pieces, the Dome, screws and winder.
  • Video 09: MeshFusion Convert -- Best practices to convert MeshFusion object into geometry for 3D printing.
  • Video 10: MakerBot Kit -- Installing and using the MakerBot kit when preparing a Mesh for MakerBot Desktop and 3D printing.
  • Video 11: Wrap-Up -- The finished 3D printed result and wrap up of the training.
  • Video 12: 701 MakerBot Extra -- Additional compatibility information for 701 MeshFusion users wanting to work with MakerBot Desktop.
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