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Substance Bitmap2Material
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The Foundry Visionmongers LtdThe Foundry Visionmongers LtdSubstance Bitmap2MaterialSubstance Bitmap2MaterialCompatible with MODO 701, 801 and 9011311141.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Substance Bitmap2Material

Substance Bitmap2Material

Compatible with MODO 701, 801 and 901

Substance Bitmap2Material is an incredibly powerful tool that helps you generate full, seamlessly tiling materials (normal map, height map, specular, etc.) from any bitmap image (usually a photo), right within MODO 701. B2M greatly simplifies the process of creating tileable textures and offers the unique ability to randomize and produce infinite variations with a single click.
Substance Bitmap2Material is a new format of smart textures and filters created with Substance Designer from Allegorithmic. Substances require the Substance for MODO plugin to be installed prior to use. The Substance for MODO plugin is available to all MODO 701 users free of charge and can be downloaded from the Software Downloads section of your MODO online account profile.
In addition, all MODO 701 users will find a Substance demo scene with accompanying video tutorials along with 25 free Substances for you to use in your projects. Substance Designer is not required to load Substances in MODO, but allows you to create your own personalized Substances or modify existing ones.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Substance Bitmap2Material requires MODO 701 and/or
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