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Ten Ton Getting Started With Photoshop CC by Geoff Blake

Learn Photoshop fundamentals in this easy to follow course! 4 hours, 20 minutes

Ten Ton Getting Started With Photoshop CC by Geoff BlakeYou've seen all the amazing effects and results that are possible in Photoshop, but with such a daunting, in-depth piece of software, where do you even get started? With award-winning trainer Geoff Blake at your side, you'll master Photoshop's fundamentals in no time. Geoff's casual, step-by-step approach makes it easy to understand otherwise complex topics and tough tasks. You'll learn how to navigate through your images within the Photoshop environment, resize and crop images like a pro, and how to make pixel-perfect selections using a variety of techniques. With Geoff will then introduce you to layers, including how to combine images together, apply effects like blending modes and opacity, and show you how to keep your projects organized. Then, it's on to retouching images and working with Photoshop's powerful colour correction tools, where you'll learn methods for making your images look their best. Finally, you'll be introduced to various special effects and how to work on your images non- destructively. All this and more awaits in Getting Started With Photoshop CC!
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