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The Rhino Plug-In for Jewelry Design for Students and Teachers. Rhinojewel 5.5 is for Rhinoceros 5.0 32 bits.

Features described above are for the commercial version. Here are the limitations for the RhinoJewel 20 User Lab Kit:
Educational version limitations mainly regard the versatility of the options in Prong Setting Eternity Ring builder, Bezel Setting builder and Prong Setting builder. The commercial version offers the option to use 8+ different stone cuts, while the educational version is limited only to round and square cut in bezel tools and one set of "prong number and position" options in Prong Setting Eternity Ring builder.
Another important limitation of the Educational version is the impossibility to use the important "Collision" feature in Insert Pave & Bead tool which precludes the possibility to produce stone paves faster and easier.
RhinoJewel requires Classroom computers LAN connected.
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