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RhinoShoe 2.0
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RhinoShoe 2.0

RhinoShoe 2.0

Footwear plug-in for Rhino

RhinoShoe 2.0 is a new footwear plug-in for Rhinoceros NURBS modeling for Windows. This utility includes tools for the scaling and correction of soles and templates. It is very easy and intuitive, but without sacrificing the power and versatility of the tools. All the tools you need for your Rhino 3.0 or 4.0.

Features and benefits

  • 2D Scaling with advanced tools:
    • Scaling according to international pattern making, with the possibility of defining own patterns.
    • Calculation of factors.
    • Definition of cancellations in order to preserve common zones for several sizes.
    • Advanced constraints: scale without changing shape but only position, keep logos fixed, maintain parallelism for stitching.
    • Definition of non-orthogonal and orthogonal scaling axes.
  • 3D scaling for soles
  • Vectorization through central and external curves
  • Development of curves on surface
  • Development of curves on plane
  • Variable offset by zones to curves for corrections
Vectorization of images, drawings, and hand-drawn sketches.
Very easy and intuitive but highly powerful 2D scaling for deformation and shape constraining.
Scaling with cancellations and common zones definable by size groups.
Definable scaling axes, independent according to groups of objects with no need to be orthogonal.
Scaling maintaining the same parallelism between curves for stitching, and with zones in which only the position of objects such as stamps and logos (not the objects) is scaled.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of RhinoShoe 2.0 requires Rhino 3.0 and/or
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