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Composer 7 Mechanical
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SimLab SoftSimLab SoftComposer 7 MechanicalComposer 7 MechanicalAffordable, fun and easy to use 3D software.BID-142-10860469.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Composer 7 Mechanical

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Composer 7 Mechanical

Affordable, fun and easy to use 3D software.

SimLab Soft Composer 7 Mechanical simplifies the major stages of CG workflow by designing a unique interface and providing wide capabilities.


  • Advanced and easy to learn rendering software producing beautiful, accurate and consistent results
  • Exceptionally fast and superior photographic quality images
  • Compatible with interior and exterior scenes
  • Real-time parameter configuration. Results of changing parameters can take effect during real-time rendering
  • Four rendering modes: Fast Path Tracer, MIS Path Tracer, Element Renderer and Interior Renderer (fast and high quality renderer made for interior designers and architects. It uses a different render algorithm optimized to boost the rendering process speed, allowing to render in less time with the same realistic output).

New in this version

New Added Features
  • Top quality 3D object library
  • Mesh decimation
  • Composite path creation (used in animation and simulation)
  • Sun and shadow study
  • Billboard support in 3D PDF and WebGL
  • New point to curve joint in simulation
  • Joint Limits in simulation
  • New user interface for optimized workflow<
  • Optimized WebGL for faster download and better navigation experience


  • Sharing (3D PDF, WebGL, and iOS/Android)
  • Rendering
  • Animation
  • Simulation
  • Expo
  • Texture Baking (Available on Microsoft Windows Only)
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