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RhinoTerrain for Rhino: Digital Terrain Modeling for Rhino 6.0. Import, edit and manipulate highly accurate 3D data for even more realism
Designed for architects, landscape designers, and surveyors, RhinoTerrain 3.0 for Rhino 6 takes full advantage of the power of Rhino geometry and graphics to provide precise digital terrain modeling. Use RhinoTerrain to quickly input data and create ortho-photo mapping with high precision contour curves, hard and soft breaklines, and more.
RhinoTerrain 3.0 for Rhino 6, a Rhinoceros plugin, is a powerful tool used to easily create digital terrain models. It is based on a robust and reliable constrained triangulation algorithm, able to handle huge data volumes. Fully integrated into Rhinoceros, RhinoTerrain 3.0 for Rhino 6 uses all the geometric and graphical computing capabilities of this free-form modeler.
RhinoTerrain is suitable to anyone who may have an interest for realistic 3D visualization of Digital Elevation Models DEM or engineering works, ie: architects, surveyors, offices study, local authorities, designers, ...
With RhinoTerrain 3.0 for Rhino 6, import, edit and manipulate highly accurate 3D data for even more realism.

Geo-Modeling Experience

Enter the world of Geo-modeling and see how RhinoTerrain 3.0 for Rhino 6 combines NURBS, point clouds and meshes to provide you extremely precise 3D data. With RhinoTerrain 3.0 for Rhino 6 discover another way to interact with your data:
  • Import and creation of terrain from photogrammetric, topographic or LIDAR data.
  • Processing and optimization of point clouds.
  • Creating, editing and analysis of DTM.
  • Construction profiles, cross sections and contour lines.
  • ECW tilling and Ortho-photos mapping.
  • Editing large models from topological functions and swift Boolean operators.
  • Analysis of data according to different criteria: visibility, slopes, volumes and much more to discover in the new version 2.0 64-bit.

Key Features and Benefits

Fast Terrain Creation
Support for input using points, lines and curves with HardBreaklines and SoftBreakline options. RhinoTerrain 3.0 for Rhino 6 will work with very large data sets at speed, supporting several million input points.
True Terrain Visualisation
OrthoPhoto mapping with geographical referencing for true terrain visualisation or 3d printing.
Contour Curve Generation
Supporting automatic contour height annotation, making full use of multicore processors for larger terrains.
Slope and Height Gradient Analysis
User defined color gradient options, producing beautiful images.
Terrain Importer
USGS DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and ArcView ShapeFile importer
Input Data
  • Input can be points, pointclouds, curves, or meshes
  • The ouput is a standard Rhino mesh, which can then be unwelded by HardBreakLines
High Speed Delauney Engine
  • Delaunay Triangulation
  • Constrainded Triangulation
  • Fast triangles processing
  • 1 million point < 2s on a single core cpu 2.33 mhz
Boundary Alpha Shape
Use Boundary Alpha Shape to fine the most intricate boundary shape of a model.
  • Convex hull
  • Most Concave
Hard and Soft Breaklines
Hard and Soft Breaklines are ideal for capturing the exact shape of the model.
Contour Curves
  • Primary and secondary Curve interval
  • Curve smoothness
  • Output as polylines
Geographical Features Detection
  • Use HardBreaklines loops to unweld the mesh
  • Explode the mesh in closed feature
Orthophoto Mapping
The georeferenced bounding box of the orthophoto is used to map with accuracy each pixel of the photo to the 3d mesh.
  • High resolution Tif photos can be used depending of the memory video cards
  • Real time 3d navigation for excellent presentations of the model
Open TableCompare RhinoTerrain and RhinoCity features
Point Cloud
Terrain Meshes
Ortho Imagery Mapping
Coordinates System Reprojection
City Modeler from Photogrammetry Vectors
Advanced Building Topology
Building Texturing from Any Aerial Picture
ShapeFile + Attributes

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of RhinoTerrain 3.0 for Rhino 6 requires :
Rhino 6 for Windows and MacRhino 3D with Grasshopper: The most powerful NURBS 3D CAD Industrial Design and modeling tool with full support from McNeel. Rhino 6.0 license now comes with Grasshopper included995795Add to Cart

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