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RhinoCity for Rhino: Realistic modelling of land and cities in 3D. Works as plugin with Rhino 5 64-bits

RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5 is a plugin for Rhino 5 for Windows dedicated to realistic modelling of land and cities in 3D. RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5 is an innovative solution to easily create, edit, analyze and display very high quality 3D textured models from data such as roof vectors, aerial imagery, point clouds or cadastral files. RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5 integrates geo-Modeler to form a complete solution of high technology, offering the opportunity to apply to your data multiple 3D complex treatments without changing application. RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5 is based on a Boolean calculation engine robust and ultra fast, capable of processing large dataset. RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5 ensures accurate results in a record through the optimal use of multicore processors, combined time calculations in double precision.
RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5 is based on a Boolean calculation engine robust and ultra fast, capable of processing large dataset.


Large Scale DTM Engine
Based on completely new constrained, original, robust and reliable Delaunay engine, RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5 is able to process very large volumes of data.
Point Cloud Processing
The computation of a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) can be done on a cloud of several millions of points from terres­ trial scanners (Topcon, Leica...) or AirBorne Laser (LIDAR) and can include an unlimited number of break lines.
Geometric Analysis
Automatically correct alignment and digital precision problems inherent in the creation of 3D curves from photogram­ metric data. Easely respect the topological constraints of your 3D models.
  • Efficient Computation
  • Perfect Geometry And Topology
  • Smart Building Texturing
  • Gis And Cad Import/Export
Texturation Without Limit
Texture automatically and intelligently entire cities from ground or aerial photographs (vertical and oblique) in a click!
Building Modeling Using Boolean Operation
RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5 computes accurate 30 models by using a unique and inovant boolean operation operator. The exact geometry created is the guarantee of:
  • reliable wall, rooftop and footprint surfaces
  • a 30 model made of watertight volumes,
  • a perfect and light topological geometry,
  • data good for 30 analysis: solar, wave propagation, noise, wind...
Maintain Your 3D Data Effectively: Adopt The CityGML Format
RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5 can import and export 30 geogra­phic information based on the CityGML open data format (L0D2), as specified by the SIG3D group (www.sig3d.org).
According two shemas defined by the French Geographical Institute (IGN) and the SIG3D group, the CityGML thematic modules usable are:
  • Relief
  • Building
  • Bridge
  • Waterbody
Coming soon:
  • Transportation
  • Tunnel
  • Vegetation
  • Land use
Computation Of Roof Overhangs
RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5 computes the roof overhangs. Their thic­kness can be set individually by the use of one of the attri­ butes scheme of buildings. The roof overhangs are solids, independent from the main building solid. This independence fact implies that they can be printed in 3D and hidden.
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Point Cloud
Terrain Meshes
Ortho Imagery Mapping
Coordinates System Reprojection
City Modeler from Photogrammetry Vectors
Advanced Building Topology
Building Texturing from Any Aerial Picture
ShapeFile + Attributes

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5 requires :
Rhino 5.0 for WinRhino 5 is still available for your convenience. Be aware that Rhino 6 has been released.99581499Add to Cart

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