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RhinoCapture: Efficient 3D stereo object data capture. Runs as Rhino plugin
RhinoCapture for Rhino provides an advanced and efficient set of functionalities to gather 3D data, even for complex urban configurations.
By combining DAT/EM Summit Evolution with RhinoCapture for Rhino, users leverage the strength of both products to capture precise 3D building polygons from roof templates.


Easy-to-use interface
  • Real time changes to the cursor display and status text according to the current snapping rules
  • Advanced toolbars and touch pad available to facilitate operator's tasks
Smoothly integrated
RhinoCapture for Rhino and Summit Evolution work in tandem to let you acquire 3D data in a powerful 3D stereo environment: collected 3D features are rendered in both systems simultaneously.
The smart user interface integrates roof templates. Combined with a high performance digital 3D stereo photogrammetric workstation, our software provides an enhanced user experience for maximum productivity.
Roof templates
RhinoCapture for Rhino provides a large set of roof templates to help you create topological and coplanar roofs with just a few mouse clicks.
Templates can be dynamic. Operator's moves are interpreted to propose automatic orientation with a real time display of the result.
Templates for dormers are also available!
Going further
Capturing high quality 3D data is just the first step. Now use RhinoCity to produce complete 3D texturated urban models with embedded GIS information.
Seamlessly coupled with RhinoCapture for Rhino, RhinoCity takes your data performance even further:
  • Use roof lines to automatically model 3D buildings
  • Add and edit attributes with GIS information tools
  • Define textures from aerial imagery
  • Export to CityGML
  • And much more...
Open TableCompare RhinoTerrain and RhinoCity features
Point Cloud
Terrain Meshes
Ortho Imagery Mapping
Coordinates System Reprojection
City Modeler from Photogrammetry Vectors
Advanced Building Topology
Building Texturing from Any Aerial Picture
ShapeFile + Attributes

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of RhinoCapture for Rhino requires :
Rhino 5.0 for WinRhino 5 is still available for your convenience. Be aware that Rhino 6 has been releasedThis item cannot be purchased separately.

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