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This version works only with Rhinoceros 5.0 64 bits

RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5.0 -- Floating LicenseRhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5.0 Floating License is a plugin for Rhino 5 for Windows dedicated to realistic modelling of land and cities in 3D. RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5.0 is an innovative solution to easily create, edit, analyze and display very high quality 3D textured models from data such as roof vectors, aerial imagery, point clouds or cadastral files.
Animation of the City of Montreal: Modeled in RhinoTerrain/Rhinocity
RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5.0 integrates geo-Modeler to form a complete solution of high technology, offering the opportunity to apply to your data multiple 3D complex treatments without changing application. RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5.0 is based on a Boolean calculation engine robust and ultra fast, capable of processing large dataset. RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5.0 ensures accurate results in a record through the optimal use of multicore processors, combined time calculations in double precision.

Key Features

  • Gdal driven Geographic Transformation
  • PointCloud processing
  • Large Scale Delaunay Engine
  • Advanced 3d spatial Data Cleaning
  • Building modeling using Boolean operator
  • Smart Building texturing
  • CityGML import/ export
  • Esri Shape Files with attributes, Kmz, Las, import/export.

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RhinoCity 2.5 for Rhino 5.0
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