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Rhinophoto 3.0
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RhinophotoRhinophotoRhinophoto 3.0Rhinophoto 3.0Automatically create 3D points from a set of photos taken with positioned coded targets.RP300DL3.02997.50Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018

Rhinophoto 3.0

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Rhinophoto 3.0

Automatically create 3D points from a set of photos taken with positioned coded targets.

Rhinophoto 3.0 is a photogrammetry plugin for Rhino and provides automatic 3D digitizing from a set of photographs. You can now perform 3D digitalization with your Camera.
  • Position coded targets on the part to digitize.
  • Take several shots of the part.
  • Copy the photos on your hard disk, run Rhino.
  • Run the Rhinophoto 3.0 command then select the directory where your copied your photos.
  • That's All! The centers of all the coded targets are created in 3D.

What's New

  • New feature in the Scale and Orients Command
  • Possibility to use several different lens with same focal Length
  • Computation of 3D Tolerance Area
  • Added Possibility to select the number of core/thread
  • New tool command
  • New Calibration Camera process
  • New Camera Calibration auto-improvement
  • Multiple Reference Scale Bars
  • Automatic recognition of Reference Scale Bar used in the project
  • New Licence management system
  • Module Stair builder included in the version
  • Module Countertop included in the version
  • Added possibility of use black Coded targets and simultaneously black Uncoded targets
  • Added possibility to remove coded targets which are ambigious
  • Added Possibility to delete a reference bar
  • Improvements in script for creating uncoded targets
  • Improvements in targets reading algorithms
  • Computation speed improvements
  • Added a new Icon to launch explorer on the project folder
  • Added progress bar during computation
  • Improvements with Uncoded Targets Computation
  • Minor GUI improvements

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Rhinophoto 3.0 requires :
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