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Targets 45.7x21.2
Coded Target Sheets
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RhinophotoRhinophotoTargets 45.7x21.2 - Coded Target SheetsTargets 45.7x21.2 - Coded Target Sheets25 sheets of 48 labels (removable) = 1200 Targets 45.70mm x 21.20mm Color printed. Required by RhinoPhotoH4346P51.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018

Targets 45.7x21.2
Coded Target Sheets

Product Information
Product NameTargets 45.7x21.2 — Coded Target Sheets
Manufacturer Rhinophoto
Manufacturer Part #H4346P
Product TypeComplement
Shipping MethodPhysical Shipping
Additional Info
25 sheets of 48 labels12 x Sheets 1 (Targets Number 000 to 095)
10 x Sheet 2 (Targets Number 096 to 191)
3 x Sheet 3 (Targets Number 192 to 287)
Targets1200 Targets 45.70mm x 21.20mm
Coding14 bits
Paper & PrintRemovable white paper
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