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July 22, 2019

Works for me

I only have one drawing, a Property Line Survey with 182 layers and several aerial photo raster images.
Surveyor Units works like you would expect.
Have a terrible time trying to Plot a drawing so I just save it as a PDF and have a commercial print service print it. They can print on wide Polyethylene paper with special ink so I have a durable, waterproof map to use in the woods.
Created a DXF file from a layout and gave it to my nephew who somehow figured out how to put it into Grass GIS. Unfortunately he ended up with a lot of layers that didn't show up on the layout view.
Would like to have step by step instructions for doing a particular task. Like how to use and name Layers with a STB file. Everything overrides everything and I can never figure out what to do. Just want somebody to say "Here are the step by step instructions, just do it."
AutoCAD 2004 did everything I need to do and I went to college and sort of learned how to use it.
I don't need all of the fancy features, I just need the software to be easy to use.
Since I am just me and don't have any IT support I have to figure out how to install the new versions and updates and just draw my simple map. Even though I have contour lines for elevation I do not need to do anything in 3-D. I would never be able to figure it out anyway.

Just wish there was a simplified version of AutoCAD that would let me easily draw a map and print it out. When I use a Word Processor and write a letter I hit the Print Icon and it prints, I don't need to go through a ritual just to get it to print. I wish AutoCAD worked the same way.

Well you asked, so I told you what I think, you won't make that mistache again.

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